“Get Money Attitude” Present YT ifuplz’s “Demonstration Mixtape!

“Tone was always my nickname. Put some rap swag on it you get Young Tone. Say it short YT. Then I said YT and Ifuplz just flowed after, I don’t really know lol but it’s basically just a Demonstration of my personal style and versatility. I like to switch up my style based off my life and whats going on around me. You’ll hear a little of everything that’s how I always keeps the fans guessing. The span of time between when the first song was created to the last was maybe a year and a half. Most meaningful would be No Regrets. If you hear that song, because it’s the last song on the album, you gave me a chance. It’s just me laying it all out there by saying I’m living with no regrets about anything I want to accomplish, I’m going for it. Never Losing is probably my favorite. No matter what time it is that’s always a song that puts me in a good mood no matter what I’m doing. Whether I’m going to work, going to sleep, going to turn up, don’t matter, it always compliments the mood. I had the most fun shooting that vid too lol but you can expect a flood of everything. A lot more music, visuals, and performances. We keep getting request for the labels gear G.M.A. Get Money Attitude so maybe we’ll do that a little bigger too. Just keep an eye out for the boy, We got something the people need to see. Mark my words.”