New to the music world is Young Roach’s new video “Numb”, which is a true story about Young Roach’s past. Even without watching the video, the song definitely impacts you, even if you haven’t traveled the same path. The emotion in this song definitely shows Young Roach’s seriousness about his music, even if that means bringing up not so great times in his life. While watching the music video, you witness what many people, individuals and their families, have to go through everyday. Many times in those cases tho, the individuals don’t live to tell about their struggles. I feel that this video and song really goes out to all those struggling with things in their lives, whether that would be a drug addiction, an eating disorder, depression, or even a loss of someone or something. The key moment in this video is within the last few minutes, when Roach comes home from the hospital to his concerned family who talk him into getting help, and then in the last few second Roach walking into a rehab center. I commend Young Roach for stepping up and telling his story, and I hope others hear his story as well. Young Roach may be young, but he isn’t any less of a threat. Watch out Pittsburgh, young Roach is coming at ya!.

-shelbie woo


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Shot by N.O.G Entertainment

Produced by Lux & Remastered by


Be sure to look for more from Young Roach who is currently in talks with 3 labels.  Its only a matter of time.

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