Returning to remind you that I’m still here and well!! Take out of this song, what you will. Hook: You don’t even know what to think./ And I don’t really know what to say./ We don’t even know what to do./ So there’s a blank expression on our faces, our faces, our faces/ And we’re both winning, yet, in different races, good gracious, but when I’m older and it’s over, I look back on when we smiled together./ My addiction, is my affliction. Put my heart on my sleeves and fill it with inscriptions. Tattoos of a Universal Language. I made it here, but I can’t leave with who I came with. I pay attention to the older ones that been through it. That’s the proper preparation for when I’m sent through it. I’m not immune to it, but I’m ready for it. My heart is full of scars, so my mind is morbid. And my apologies are nothing if I can’t show them. These hearts were bigger than mine! I should’ve never broke them! The bridges are burning. I’m walking with Christ! And all I know is I’m living through Holly Sacrifice! If one innocent man, paid the ultimate price, why would I ever expect to live a FAIR life???!!! we make mistakes, but can we put it behind us/ pleading my case for you to stay in your place/I’m still ya friend -Midas- Bridges burn! And the tables turn!/ you live and learn! That’s what they told the kid!/ but hell, you can’t trust anybody! Cause almost everything I said I wouldn’t do, I did!/ If the bridge catch fire, than the herbs can too!/ and if the tables’ gonna turn, then I’mma set it up with food!!/ and if I’m living and I’m learning, well I’m learning how to live, Lawd!!!/ My wildest dream is being happy with myself again!/ My body slowed down, but my mind sped up! / I feel it’s time to stand up, Now that my mind is fed up/ — what’s the word, Strong without the word challenge?! It’s hard to bring my spirits up, until I sit in silence!!/ Sometimes, the light can get the best of me!/ One man’s depression is another mans Serenity!/ -and you can take it how you want it, homie!/ But the way it’s looking, I feel like I’m gonna die alone!/ I’m feeling more misoverstood than I ever felt!/ So many opinions, I can’t seem to overstand myself!/ Then, I remember I can see myself in them sometimes./ And if I’m killing them, it’s like committing suicide /so throw yo stones at a glass house?! Try to cast out for that cash out/ I smoke and write, til I pass out/ while you worry ’bout what my past’s ’bout!/ over 200 people in my room for visitation/ you said you’d see me soon, it’s been a year, I’m still waiting!/ – and I know we deal with things differently./ But hell, my phone ain’t even ringing! Is you feeling me!?/ I guess if it ain’t killing me, it’s building me!/ – Hard to let go of the resentment that’s instilled in me!/ I’m from V I DOUBLE, where the high school got in trouble for some stuff under the rug- but that’s just what the government do./ Look at us stressing oppression, but never pressing, directed without directions/ -yeah, I bet they’re loving it, too!/