– Last week, Young Junne made headlines after he burned a No Limit contract on Instagram while blasting Master P for allegedly mistreating his artists and stealing songs, which Junne spoke about with VladTV.

Junne told us that Master P hit him up after he dropped his “Visionary” track, which led to them working on other projects together, but Junne added that he was never officially signed to No Limit. He explained that Master P got mad at him after he posted his video for “Hollywood,” but Junne said that “there was nothing [Master P] could do about it” since the rapper wasn’t signed to No Limit.

Young Junne then cleared up the misconception that he went at Master P first, as he explained that the No Limit CEO first blasted him on social media for posting the “Hollywood” video, but P later deleted his tweets. Junne then added that he decided to go back at Master P as a retaliation, not as a way to get relevant, adding, “If you believe in your music, you’re going to get popping regardless” of beefing online.

Check out more of what Young Junne had to say about the situation above, including why he wouldn’t sign the No Limit contract after having his lawyer look it over.