WuLords – Chapter 8: 9 Variations & Adaptability

The WuLords are emerging from the slums of Wu with their 9th installment of the Wuology: “Art of War Series” with their undoubtedly best album yet titled “Chapter 8: 9 Variations & Adaptability”. This album comes with the aura of real Hip Hop; both old school and new school fused together to become a perfect blend of music that is sure to capture the ears of its listeners. This album has so many treats in store. For starters, this album was under the direction of Wu Tang Clan original member Solomon Childs. This album also contains a number of different collaborations from across the map coming to join the WuLords and help in their fight to bring back that real Hip Hop.

Chapter 8 has features like RZA’s brother, 9th Prince; who is also the President of Soul Temple Records and a member of the national group Killarmy. 9th blessed the booth with a dope 16 with the WuLords’ duo Brass Knuckles (Z1 and Eddie Grizz) on a track titled “Ivan Van Sertima” produced by Premise of Straight N Narrow Productions. Russian producer Archemad laid it down with hard hitting beats that are perfectly fit for the WuLords’ style; The WuLords also have one of the founders Killarmy, and actor (Django) Beretta 9 A.K.A. Kinetic 9 producing an incredible track for the album titled “Malcolm Little” featuring WuLords’ member Z1, who delivered his best performance for this album. New York’s own Lyrically Illz jumped on the album and blessed the booth with WuLords’ Eddie Grizz on “Erich Von Daniken” which is a lyrical slaughter on an Archemad instrumental. From across the seas, The Femcee Rissa also joined the challenge to help bring back Hip Hop with the WuLords’ in “Malik El Hajj Shabazz” and held it down for the UK accompanied by the soulful vocals of Z1. Felonious Denmark destroyed “Dick Gregory” with hard hitting lyrics! It’s rare to hear from Felonious but when you do, he never disappoints. The WuLords are a powerhouse movement and they showed their numbers on this album especially on their track “Sun Tzu” featuring PAO Assassins, Son of Blade A.K.A. J. Brown and the Messengers (Z1, Eddie Grizz, D.I.G.I.). The WuLords also introduced the New Jersey ZULU Queen of the WuLords, Miranda Writes on their track “Huey Newton” and from Atlanta Qu Da Queen made her second appearance with the WuLords on “Marilyn Monroe”.
This album is indeed the most lyrical and the best chapter of them all up to this point! This album will surely please anyone who loves Hip Hop, the WuLords and the W. If you want to witness this for yourself, join the movement, become part of the experience and download this album on ITunes here:


▶ WuLords: Chapter 8 – 9 Variations & Adaptability Official Video – YouTube.