alt On my job I am… there is a level of effort needed to even see your dreams be a possibility. The sky is the limit only if your willing to do what it takes to reach the sky. The JSP continues to show a competitive edge when it comes to there showmanship and promotional game. Many artist and spectators have mentioned that they have never quite seen an act like this. With all of these guys standing near 6ft or more a mass movement is well felt once these guys decide to hit the stage. Some times coming completely off the stage… The Justuce Street Poets have completed a series of tours and exhibitions From Pa. to the Mid-West now with a notarity in Ohio. Despite the Steelers vs. Browns rivalry that will never die. The JSP is now noted with in a circle of peers that stretches across the nation and the opportunities only continue to knock on the door. Justuce has the power to answer those door with a complete package that most artist wish they could possess. What is the secret to the success, but to no avail it’s no secret at all. With hard work and dedication comes a great deal of success, so stay on your job.

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