1: When did you first start making your own music?

I started making my own music around 14. I was a freshman, my sister was a senior, she had some friends who would on occasion drop some freestyles. I was an outgoing guy so while we were all hanging out doing our thing, I would get into the freestyles.

2: What is your favorite part of the music making process?

I think playing around with different words is one of my favorite things, so writing is definitely important to me. As well as I love to go through to pick that perfect beat, that will click in your head within about 10 seconds.

3: What goal do you have for your music?

I have so many goals. Mainly I really wanna reach out to people like me, people who look into music for inspiration, for stress relief. And as for my situation with my iLLness I think it gives a unique opportunity for me to reach out to a strong and very important audience that hasn’t been touched on yet.

4: How has your battle with cancer inspired your music?

It’s done tons for my music. And music has done tons for my battle. Whether it be listening on the way to/from/at the hospital or getting those raw emotions out that no one can really understand in my lyrics. It has just put an infinite source into my arsenal of life experiences to talk of.

5: Do you think you are underestimated in the rap/hip-hop industry because of your age?

I think that people really haven’t gotten a chance to get a good look at the music. I couldn’t say it from age, lack of promotion help, material being held waiting to be released… But to these blogs and radios I do tend to find myself slightly underestimated however it’s humbling and only feeds the hunger.

6: Who would you like to collab with from the city?

I’d definitely like to collab strong with Wiz, clear choice. I actually have a few friends we’ve talked of collabs, one being Crystal Seth. I’ve seen KH coming in my studio a lot and he has a nice work ethic so I would like do something with him. Courtney Noelle as well. She comes to the studio too and is a very hard worker.

7:  Who/What inspired you to start writing music?

Like I mentioned freestyles were my first dip into music. So then I got into heavy freestyles. As I learned more about multi-syllable rhyming I starting writing, looking towards lyricists like Mickey Factz, Corey Gunz, Royce Da 5’9″ ,  Eminem and people of such..

8:  What can we expect to see from Yung Ka in the future?

March 14th at the Hard Rock Cafe is a ticketed event to drop the song Make a Wish and Mac Miller helped with. He did some co-writing with hook. That same night is the drop night of my mixtape ‘ Cancer vs Me ‘ . I’ve been working a lot with Ricky P for my next project. I plan to put some music out in the meantime for the fans.

9: If it weren’t for your battle with cancer, would you still be writing music?

I believe I would have continued my writing and love for hip-hop. However, I can’t say that my rhyming would have quiet the meaning and power that it does  now. My illness gave me a different story to tell through my rhyming. A story never told this way, but that so many who appreciate this art are effected by.

10:  popgh stands for people of Pittsburgh going hard.  do you feel you go hard for your city and why?

No doubt. I’m doing everything I can to my health limits and the name of Pittsburgh comes with all of that. Not to mention some of the sport fuelled lyrics I provide in my songs. All Pittsburgher’s know that you are this city. so I continue to do that.

Shoutout   To my manager Joanna Haughton, to Ricky P, to I.D. Labs (E.Dan, Jerm, Sayez)    You can find me at www.twitter.com/yungka412 www.youtube.com/yungka412 www.reverbnation.com/yungka and www.yungka.com is under construction but still always has your basic info for contacts.

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