I saw a video today called “Steel City” by an artist named Junnes that I didn’t know. The video seemed to be backed with a budget so it sent me on looking to see who this artist is.

1.) Junne or Young Junne? What should we call you?

I go By June but a lot people call me Young Junne.

2.) Initially I’m confused, the song is a Steel City anthem but what is your ties to the city?

In my Steel Video I wanted to give back to the kids. I wanted to represent Pittsburgh by displaying black and yellow and talking about the struggle we all go through. I came up out of the struggle so when I make it the first thing I’m going to do is give back to my community.

3.) A lot of people are claiming next, what makes you next?

The features I have on my mixtape are solid , but I spit a different type of music in Pittsburgh that most artist here don’t. Their music is usually about how much bricks they sale or how easy it is for them to take people’s life. Me, personally I rap about what I see and what I have been through in a way people can relate. Pharrel Williams is my cousin and he holds a big part of what the future holds for me.

4.) In the song “Steel City” you said you can’t get the job you want because you committed a crime. What is it you would want to be doing outside of a music career?

A Job that gives more than minimum wage such as a banker or a salesman. I signed to Seattle University for basketball, but do to my background from when I was young my basketball career was jeopardized. The struggles are what make me stronger every day and I want my music to make people know and feel like they will get through the day.

5.) A lot of people are talking about the video you just dropped on WorldStar and making up their own theories. Set them straight. What would you like to say about the comments you are getting on the video?

To be completely honest I do not feed into that. Everywhere you go your gone to have haters but if you feed into them you’re giving them power over you. There is a quote from Will Smith saying, “When people can’t do something their self they want to tell you that you can’t do it” but on the other hand I got everybody blowing up my phone . I’m doing twice as many feature on this coming mixtape than I did on my last mixtape, and I know my time is coming my dream is becoming real.

6.) Another person brought up that it was odd to see so many lambos in a song about struggle. What do you have to say to that?

It is a story about a kid who is peer pressured which represents me as a child. It also portrays people trying to make him go down the wrong path, but he had stronger will power to deny the pressure and get away from the negativity by going home and writing music. The Lamborghini was a main scene to show me in the future and how hard work really does pay off and I wanted to give back to the community to show my appreciation.

7.) You mention giving back and show a lot of kids in the video, what are you doing to help out the youth and whats your community involvement?

I give food to the homeless , I donate what I have to the community and once I make it, it would be twice as more because I know what they go through , and we all know the street are tough growing up and everybody has it hard. I just do what ever I can to give back and if I change at least one life than I have accomplished something.

8.) What can we expect to see next from you?

On this new mixtape I have some big features that are already sign and like I’ve said previously this is the come up mixtape. The mixtape is called “Word of Mouth” and it brings a whole new delivery to it which people already think this mixtape is going to get me out of the hood. Tour dates from the East to West coast will be released around the time I drop the “Word of Mouth” mixtape and we just push forward from there.

9.) I have to say this was one of the harder interviews I had to do simply because I had a hard time finding information on you prior. How long have you been at this?

I have been rapping since I was 13. My cousin Pharrel Williams pulled me on the stage when I was little at one of his concerts and ever since then I’ve been working hard to be that man on the stage everyone is there for.

10.) POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh Going Hard. How do you go hard for the city?

When I was living on the west coast I was represting Pittsburgh like no other. I used the word “steel” to show my respect for my own city “I’m steel repping the burgh when I’m living in the Tac”.

Shout out to all the supporters and people who have helped me get my name out there. It is only the beginning. My crew and I also have are own clothing line called “Top Flight” Watch and share all my videos . All I need is for people to see them.