1.) You learned music at an early age being raised by a musician, what music was apart of the inspiration at that time in your life?

The music that inspired me when I was a kid was gospel music. I was raised in the church and my father was a Baptist minister. Groups like The Gospel Messengers, The Wings of Faith, Gwen Carter Singers I loved that style of music. Then came the world of hip-hop for me like LL Cool J, Run-DMC, Robe Base, Wu-Tang Clan, Tupac, Public Enemy, and much more was opened to me. I loved the story telling of Biggie and Tupac in my book they were the best at their craft.

2.) You had learned to play guitar at the age of 7 and drums as a tee, is this still apart of your music passion today?  

 I try to keep on playing the guitar as much as I can I have one at my house that I play once in awhile. The drums it has been along time but I try to get some time in. I’ll go to Music Villa in town and play for a little bit. I’m trying to get another set here soon when I move into a bigger house lol.

 3.) Tell us about your Pittsburgh roots.  How are you connected to Pittsburgh?

 I was born in Pittsburgh and then moved to Johnstown pa when I was four years old! I moved back to Pittsburgh after high school to go to the Art Institute to study film and television! I always love to come back to “Da Burgh” I love the people there and it’s just a great city to be in with the best football team of all time!

 4.) What kind of message do you try to set with your music?

 Like I said before I miss the story telling back in the day, I’m not a gangster so I have no idea about that life. I do know about how it is to grow up in a single parent home, as well as being homeless and trying to get that next meal. That is what I put in my music about everyday struggles that we all go through like work a nine to five and still don’t have enough to pay bills. I also talk about the light at the end of the tunnel because there is always a way out of any situation.

 5.) You first started rapping with a group of neighborhood friends in a group called “The Black Hype”.  Where are the members today?  Still at it?

 To tell you the truth “The Black Hype” are still at it! We all have our own music careers right now and we are talking about a reunion here real soon! We have kept in touch and we all are doing great!

 6.) In the summer of 2012 you signed to Andre Roxx of Wu-Tangs label Promise Land.   What have you done since then and what can we expect to see from you?

 I’ve just been writing songs and I have done some autograph signings and a couple of shows. Right now I am working on my first album called “Jim and Marsha’s Son” with Promise Land and Interscope. It’s a story about my life and hardships that I’ve gone through to get where I’m at today! It’s a personal album that I think everyone can relate to there is a lot of strong and heartfelt songs on this album.

 7.) Many artists work with a close circle of friends, who else can you be found working with on a collabrative effort? 

 I really want to work with some people from Johnstown like Chris Deville, 10/27, Y.N.O.G, Rich Rios, Riqo Blakk and John Sisco!

 8.) How has the feedback been on your recent single “Paranoia” that you released with Interscope?

 The feedback from the single has been great we really worked hard on it and the end product was really great!

 9.) POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh going hard…..   How do you go hard for this city?

I rep “Da Burgh” everyday I go hard in the studio and try my best to give other artist from that area to do stuff with me as well. I’m always looking to do shows there and see my birthplace any chance I get. I’m from Pittsburgh so what I do and how I present myself is a reflection of where I’m from!


I’d like to give a shout out to God Almighty from him I get my strength! I also like to thank my Mom and Dad my sisters, and Aunts, Uncles, and everyone in my family. My friends back in Johnstown pa and in Pittsburgh. All of The Wu-Tang Clan, and Andre Roxx, 56&Running, John Sisco,Dj Seanski, Tim Odum, David Myers Jr, Sam Morris, Riqo Blakk, and my whole 814 family. You can check me out on www.goteamrev.blogspot.com, twitter @comacosey, www.facebook.com/go.team.rev1 .