Joe Floe AKA Joe Connor of had the opportunity to interview Pittsburgh’s own Pittsburgh Slim recently to get some info on his new project as well as some history on Pittsburgh Slim starting with Strict Flow.

1) Was recording in I.D. Labs any different of an experience than the other studios you have worked in?

Yes and no, I was there the day it opened so it will always be home base to me.  Obviously it’s even more special now because of all of the classic shit that has come out of there.  I hope to add to that.

2) Did you encounter any problems while writing your newest album, Pittsburgh Slim’s Excellent Adventure?

No, since I rap about my life it was easy to share it with the listener haha.  The hardest part was getting people to listen to it since everyone and their uncle is a rapper nowadays.

3) Was the song ‘Walk of Shame’ about any one groupie you’ve encountered or was it more of a general song?

No it’s a summary of the many experiences along my excellent adventure haha.

4) In ‘Pittsburgh Dude’ you say “Did people forget I could spit, or something?” Do you really think since your time away from the music scene that people really thought you lost your touch?

I think that the change of subject matter going from a member of Strict Flow to becoming Pittsburgh Slim was surprised to some, but if Will Smith can go from the Fresh Prince to being the most powerful actor in Hollywood then people shouldn’t be so shocked by an artist’s transformation.

5) Broke and fabulous? What makes you fabulous?

My lifestyle.  My willingness to enjoy my life no matter what my financial situation is.  I’m as real as they come.

6) There’s a lot of love and hate in Pittsburgh amongst artists. Do you see this in the other cities you have been to?

I don’t see that in NYC or LA.  People are much more supportive and willing to embrace new artists.  I will say however that the people of Pittsburgh are much more supportive now than they were 5-10 years ago.  I have been very pleased with the love I have received here in the past year.

7) What Pittsburgh artists are you a fan of and who would you like to work with that you have not yet had a chance to?

I’m a fan of Beedie, The 58’s, Roscoe Wiki, Real Deal, Boaz, Wiz and Taylor Gang, Mac, La Harrier, shit man too many to name lol.  I wanna work with them all.

8) Is ‘Hiding the Liquor’ a must do when Pittsburgh Slim comes to the party?

That along with your girlfriend and your drugs.

9) What would you say was your favorite experience as a Pittsburgh artist so far?

Filming the Buctown video at PNC Park and being given access to the Pirates players and getting to know them.  They are on the verge of success!

10) Recently, you had partnered up with T-Mills, do you think that has affected your fan base and the amount of fans you’ve collected through the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Scene?

Yes.  I think it has helped a lot.  Mills is my homie so it was extra special to put that event together.

11) You recently announced a New mixtape for January 2013. what can your fans expect and was this project all recorded in Pittsburgh?

This mixtape is more introspective and deals with all aspects of my life, including my insecurities and obstacles.  There’s certainly more depth to it. I recorded the majority of it at Roscoe Wiki’s studio here in Pittsburgh.

12) Should we expect any other artists to make an appearance on this mixtape?

It will feature Dirt Nasty, Beedie, Darren Mclaren, Roscoe Wiki and more.

13) POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh Going Hard. How do you go hard for your city?

I co-founded Strict Flow with Masai Turner, Eric Dan, and Chad Glick.  We kicked down some very tough doors to solidify the hip-hop scene’s place in Pittsburgh at a time when Rock N Roll was by far the dominant genre.  We’ve all gone on to individual success since the break up as well.  I was signed by Jay-Z to Def Jam and have now started Four Twelve Records, Eric Dan opened ID Labs and is a platinum producer, Chad Glick discovered Wiz Khalifa and managed him for years, and Masai is in Formula 412.  How’s that?  Oh and I put Pittsburgh in my name!

-Joe Floe