POPGH had a chance to interview P. Vicious of Rovalike just prior to the New Year.

1. You have been at it for some time. When did you officially get your start in the underground hip hop scene?

I been doing the music thing since I was twelve. I got my real start with almighty records.

2. Theres a lot of talk about how difficult it is to climb up out of the underground scene in Pittsburgh. Why do you think many artist hit a struggle in the Burgh despite their talent?

Identity. Plus they don’t travel and put their money where their mouth is… They also need to get a team and put their business in order.

3. Theres always talk about who’s gonna be next, who do you feel is ready to be next (after you)?

After 2gzz…k.pound,Tay loc, Stucc, Wax Netty ,Asco, Stink, 2kraze, Da sinate, Big lyfe & theres a few others.

4. You won artist of the year April 2011, do you feel this had any help in getting you where you are today?

I mean it helped somewhat.. It helped me to get my movement recognized by the city and my peers.

5. Theres a lot of new cats getting into the scene, can you offer them any advice the the freshmen?

Create your own identity, be yourself, go hard fuck shining & invest in yourself.

6. Who’s on your ipod these days?

I don’t have one …lol

7. Who would you like to shout out that you have worked with in the burgh?

Everybody that I or my artist worked with. Too many to shout out.

8. Any sneak peaks of whats to come that you can share with POPGH and Fans?

Let’s just say major movez are being made as we speak. Hopefully we have something big happen very soon …god willing.

9. POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh Going Hard, How do you feel you go hard for your city?

I’m trying to opening up the door for not just my team but my city as a whole. We go out of town and do shows. We have people looking like damn pittsburgh got rappers like that their! They really be amaze. First thing they say is we got to come to pittsburgh and what else is up there. I carry my city on my back…real talk!!!

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