1. Originally from California, what brought you to the burgh? (guess I messed up on my research.)

I’m actually not from California, sorry to burst your bubble lol. I was born in Toledo Ohio, but have lived in California, Texas, little time in Las Vegas. it’s actually a funny story, i had flipped a 1989 quarter (my birth year) heads i would move to Pittsburgh, tails i move to Chicago. both locations are 3 hours away from my home town so i thought it was a good choice of cities.

2. You were once in a band many years back, tell us about the band.
HAHA, my band. Karloff the Uncanny we were a Grindcore band. we were about 14-16years old together when we started the band in Fremont, Ohio. influenced by ‘TheDaughters, ‘TheLocus, and hard core break downs. it was such a fun time for us performing across NorthWestOhio in my moms mini van. Haha we played a lot of shows that I made sure we got paid $80 bucks for. this was plenty for our under aged weed and beer habits. Haha I’ll never forget my ma finding a beer can under the back seat. ya know, it was amazing how fans loved us and other bands hated us because we were “real music”. we used to promote our music were we found a fan base out of Malaise, i know random!

We played with other touring bands like ‘TheGreatRedneck Hope based out of Summer Springs Colorado, Red eye fight based out of Flint Michigan. and was even asked to open for Foxy Shazam based out of Cincinnati Ohio. Our first shows was actually scheduled for a house party on the North Side of Pittsburgh on Hollowed of 04’. unfortunately our parents weren’t cool with us traveling like this especially after always smelling like weed after our shows. Man I could go on on about this bands haha all love to my Karloff brothers who i am still friends with today, I gotta say we made our own rules back then. NEXT questions!

3. You recently started working for yourself right? Hows your shop coming along?
So yeah I’ve been working for myself for the past year now, not your traditional barbershop, or barber for that
matter. I have a studio I’ve set up inside my house better known as ‘The Hous Of Kutz. its really been an amazing experience seeing people support me over the passed year considering I basically work out of my house. These people have really grown to be my friends in with case I would invite them all to my wedding that i will more then likely never have haha.

4. Do you see a new canvas as a challenge or no different than cutting for a regular?
You know, I can honestly say I see no challenges with cutting hair unless someone were to ask me to put a picture of the last supper in the back of their head. wether the hair is curly, corse, straight or thick I’ve developed a process that works well with all types of hair.

5. You have cut for some of a celeb status over the years, who are some of the most know that you have cut for and are they still clients today?
Ahhh, Pittsburgh celebrities. I’ve met a lot of football players, cool people for the most part, expect for the time I didn’t know who Joey Porter was, that didn’t go so well when i asked what his profession was. I never got to into football until I started cutting players. I’ve met a lot of players but I’ve cut players such as Ike Taylor, Dan Mccullers, Jarvis Jones, Terrance Garvin along with a lot of practice squad players. However I can say two people I’ve grown to be good friends with, Jarvis Jones #95 and former line backer Terrance Garvin #52 who now plays for the Washington Red Skins. Aside from football I’ve actually had lunch at Starling Martes house and cut his sons hair. Every now and then I’ll get a call from him to go to work.

6. Tell us about some of the most involved cuts you have done that you are most proud of.
Some of my most involved haircuts have been with the Major League Barber Association in Pittsburgh and Chicago also Xotics Barber Battle Tour in Hollywood, Las Angeles California and Houston Texas. My first year competing in 2014 with MLB I placed 3rd in traditional haircut with a small group of 10 and then again in 2015 where i also placed 3rd against BurghBarber who placed 2ND against Hotbarber1 based out of Cleveland Ohio who placed 1st. In February 2015 I joined my barber brothers ThebarberCartel at the Xotic barber battle tour in Hollywood California where i came in the top 4 freestyle competition. There was about 1500 in attendance and about 25+ in my category. In July if 2015 I attended the XBBT in Houston Texas entering in the freestyle competition where I came in 1st place. There was about 400 in attendance and about 20+ competing in the competition. In early October I was asked to be booked for my first out of State appointment at Jesse Mader wedding in New Orleans Louisiana at Race Religion where I would be cutting him and a few others the day before the wedding and filmed for his wedding video, this was a complete honor for me. Later in November a few young men better known as ‘Resus Technology booked a fake appointment with me to show up at my studio. They said “We didn’t really want a haircut. We want to talk to you about our new booking app ‘MyStylist.” Very ambitious folks, I like that, No I love that! They had asked me to try out there newly developed app MyStylist 1.0 and do a haircuts for there DEMO day were they would present their online booking app to a sold out presentation of over 500 different investors. As of Right now my favorite hairstyle to do is the Double Edge Vcut that I hope catches on in the city.

7. Do you do your own cuts as well?
I don’t have much of a haircut considering I’ve been growing my hair for about 10yrs. i do have a small undercut that i keep real basic with a short and blurry beard.

8. What local groups do you listen to in Pittsburgh?
What local groups do i listen to? Well of course with all respect I really enjoy listening to Common Wealth Family artist ‘R.i TROUBLE. Loved his new junt Summer NIGHTS off there new album dog days X summer nigts along with several other singles. Another artist I can enjoy listening to Corey V. since day 1, 3years ago he’s always been the same ambitious kid with a progressive direction. I can also respect Jesse Mader and the rock project’s latest album ‘Breath by Breath. I could tell a lot of heart and time went into making that album. I respect a positive progressive hustle and live style, those are the hardest hills to climb. I try to keep the anger, negative and degrading vibes out of mind. Unless it’s bad and bouji on a Friday or Saturday night at the Flats with Dj Alex Rivera.

9. What other hobbies or talents do you have?
Hobbies, My first hobby was with out a doubt skateboarding! Skate or DIE! I got my first skateboard at a Mercado (flea market) in Mexico when i was about 8, been skating ever since. I also got my first guitar in Mexico that my grandmother had bought me, I still play from time to time. I can also play the bass guitar, congas and jambe. i would love to learn the violin and piano some day. when I was in 4TH grade I won 1st place in a yo-yo competition at my school with my Rb2, coolest 4th grader. I actually have a yo-yo at my Barber station to this day. I also love to snowboard, really any extreme sport, I’m sure I can still do a DMX trick. something random but also expected, I can through knives and draw pretty decent. Shooting is a relaxing time to me. I wish i could go more often. Kayaking, hiking and growing, A lot of people may not know this but I love horticulture and nature. being out there is when i feel most alive and to witness a seed grow into something so beautiful is just amazing to me, whether it’s an edible or smokable 😉

10. Have you thought about turning your brand into merch or other products?
In 2015 after my horrifying car accident I developed a line of all natural hair products. It took me almost a year to develop 4 Products which are completely un-branded. After I get a better platform to work from, like my own barber shop perhaps i can further continue to brand my product line, ChéSuave grooming products for Men.

11. People of Pittsburgh stands for People of Pittsburgh Going Hard, How do you go hard for this city?
Easy, with alot of coffee.
I’ve been living in pittsburgh going on 6 years now. I could say I go hard for the city in a few different ways. One is simply spreading a positive mind mentality. Simply talking to people or giving kids in my neighborhood advice when they come up to me asking for money. I go hard by building positive relationships with as many people as I can such as other entrepreneurs and business owners. I’d say I go the hardest for Pittsburgh, not in Pittsburgh but when I fly out. Every time I step on that plane and walk into the city I represent my self my family and friends and the city i’m coming from Pittsburgh. its all about respect when you walk out into the world and when I leave and come back home to Arlington Ave I want strangers to say “he was a good dude” that I was a respectable man. I’ve seen and lived the struggle having nothing, no heat, electricity just me and my Dog. I’m blessed to have what I have and to be where I’m at today. I just want to be remembered and when they do remember me they will remember I built myself in the city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.