1.) Who is JOHNNY BIANCO? Besides being a trending Local Hip Hop Artist/Promoter, What other hats do you wear?

I am an aspiring Italian American Hip Hop artist from the city of Pittsburgh with a very diverse style and unique sound! People say i have an uncanny ability to paint amazing pictures with my lyrics! This enables my listeners to walk right along side me through some of my personal trials and tribulations that i have dealt with while being involved in the everyday pursuit of making my musical visions a successful brand! I am currently fine tuning my skills as a Sound Engineer and Producer at Militia 51 Studios which will be open to the public real soon! Having the ability and knowledge to be able to record myself and others has always been something that I have been fully capable & interested in doing for a while now! I also have recently acquired a quality sound system with stage lights fog machines and microphones that allows us to book events such as concerts,benefits, charity events and Djs for all events! So remember that next time your looking to have your next event planned just email Militia Entertainment at johnnybianco412@gmail.com or militiaentertainment412@gmail.com for all your entertainment needs!

2.) Over the last 6 months or so you have shown focus, dedication and determination to your brand! Whats driving this movement you have created?

First let me say thank you for the compliment! It’s especially humbling when the recognition comes from a respectable business colleague such as yourself!  Honestly it has taken a lot of early mornings and late nights, mixed with tons of caffeine and not enough sleep followed by heavy networking both on and offline and tons of appearances and performances to get get this movement in motion but the real ingredients that I consider to be the driving foce behind this Militia Entertainment movement will always be our loyal fans,Great Sponsors and Amazing Performers who continue Going Hard For Pittsburgh and the Militia!

3.) What can we expect from you musically as your next move?

My next move musically hmm thats a good question! Its hard to say exactly which one will be happening first because so many of them are so close to being finished up at this current time! My highly anticipated 2nd Album will be coming out early spring 2013 titled  Jelly of the Month Volume 2 Militia Jelly so make sure you keep an eye and ear out for that! It will showcase beats from a list of great producers in Pittsburgh  such as North Coast Beats own J Pad da Juggernaut, Swirley Eye Productions own Havok, Jedi Keyz from Bottles-N-Bongs4Life, The Big Payolas Keyz Kupa and Troy Mitchell from Fly Guy Productions! With an A list of artists such as Bigg Church, J Pad, Freezy, Yung Bru, Yungn Voorheez, Worth Whyle, Swerve Lg, Marly, HollyHood, Paypa, L.I.B.K., Sosa The Specialist, Big Breez, N80, Fam 4 Life, Vegas, and plenty more to be announced! If your interested in listening to My first Album Jelly of the Month Volume 1 you can download it here! http://www.datpiff.com/Johnny-Bianco-and-other-Various-Artists-Jelly-Of-The-Month-Volume-1-mixtape.402064

4.) The hip hop music scene has a limited number of supporting venues, of those venues that do work with us, who has been the most accommodating and straight forward to work with and why?

Well if I had to narrow it down to just one venue at this current time that has been very helpful with us building our show brand and also maintaining an impeccable level of professionalism and integrity I would have to give My Militia Seal of Approval to Levelz in the South Side on East Carson Street. The reason behind this decision is not just the venue but also in its employees and management! Every show we have booked there they have always been willing to work with us to help make sure we have everything needed to make our visions into a reality and pull off a great show! Shout out to the Booking, Security, Bar, Sound and Kitchen staff as well for jobs well done on all the shows we have had at this establishment! I look forward to booking more events there in the future!

5.)  Whats been your most memorable experience while wearing your promoter hat?

My most memorable moment as a promoter was probably this summer when I planned, promoted,and hosted our 2nd Annual Charity Event “Rise Above the Storm 2 ” A benefit for Ken Moore. There were so many acts of kindness and and comradory that occurred on that day not just from me but more so from all of the supporting cast members involved who took part in making it all a reality! Not only were we able to raise over $2000 for the beneficiary who was injured in a severe Atv accident, but we also put on one hell of a show for him! 20 acts from every genre of music even spoken poets offered their donations of money and great  performances to assist in raising funds to help make it such a great event all around! We partied from 3 pm – 2am with the peoples Dj Frankie B on the wheels of steal! All proceeds from the door, the merchandise, raffles and artist donations went directly to Ken at the end o the night! It was a night he will never forget. He got to sing a hook with his favorite local metal band Devastation not to mention  he was on stage before during and after every performance receiving multiple dedications and gifts for almost the entire event! To be able to see my brother from another mothers face lit up with the biggest smile on his face is and will always remain as one of my favorites! That is why I do music!! It is the selfless moments like these that occur that makes all the hard work seem worth while!

6.) Are there any local artist you have yet to work with that you would like to collaborate  with?

Yes there are in fact quite a few of them I will be looking forward to getting in contact with over the next few months before the next project drops! Artist like B.o.l.o., John Basement, Dirt Gang C, Worth Whyle, JSP, Fly Guy Ent.,and The Calhouns just name a few!

7.) Who’s on your iPod getting the most listens this week?

The answers to this question may come as a surprise to many but I don’t actually own an iPod nor do i listen to much mainstream music! I mainly listen to instrumentals nowadays! The persons music I probably listened to the most in this week was mine on my android app while i was preparing for the few performances I have booked in the upcoming week.You can download my free app for your android devices that will give you exclusive access into my music,videos,photos, news feeds as well as upcoming concert info and messages as well as sneek peaks of some of my upcoming music to be released here http://market.android.com/search?q=pname:com.reverbnation.artistapp.i586849

8.) theres a good many songs on your reverberation page.  If you had to pick one that had the most you in it which song would it be?

I’m glad that you enjoyed them! I try to create unique styles of music that will appeal to the masses and not just caters to one specific type of crowd! Each individual song holds a strong message behind it that represents me or a particular life experiences that has happened in the past! If I had to choose only one it would be Sweet Dreams. The reason being is this particular song is about my continued perseverance as I travel through the obstacles that this music and my personal life  has a tendency to put in my way! Please feel free fan me or become my friend and check out my music and live performance videos here on reverbnation i am currently ranked 80th on the Hip Hop Charts for Pitttsburgh and each play and fan counts towards me climbing higher up the ranks! http://www.reverbnation.com/johnnybianco

9.)  POPGH stands for people of pittsburgh going hard.   Do you feel you go hard for your city?

Truthfully yes I do believe so! Not only do I rep my city heavy in my lyrics but I also give back to my city through multiple forms of charity, as well as providing structured Events for upcoming artist of all walks of life to perform on! Also we recognize and appreciate the work the artists do promoting the shows that we book them on by giving back to the performers for their hard work! We offer a prize package to the artist that has the most supporters in building the night of the scheduled event and we do that all the events we throw! It has become one of our trademarks the prizes included usually range from beats,studio time,photo shoots,and interviews on various media outlets such as your website.  We at Militia Entertainment also understand on of the most important keys to any movement is involvement of supporters so we organize various raffles and gift baskets and give aways as well for themes a sign of appreciation for their continued support and genuine loyalty to the Militia! I would also like to take this time out to thank all of our sponsors that we have built such a strong relationships with over these past few months Not only through networking but also by conducting good business with fellow promoters and artists but also respected local businesses! Its an honor to be affiliated! Thank You We Will Remain Militia Strong!

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I would like to thank all of the parties involved in making this interview possible! Its always a pleasure being involved with Popgh.com!  Also thanks for all of your expert flyer designs that are always handled in a fashionable manner at a reasonable cost! Mad respect to all who where mentioned in this article as well it is great to be affiliated with so many great People of Pittsburgh Going Hard! I promise the Militia will always remain one of the humble movements that continues doing just that for our city! Here are a few other links of mine please feel free to add me on all of them and become a part of The Militia!


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