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We recently caught up with Joe Boots.   See what he had to say!

Where did you get your start printing?

I got started MAKING tee shirts in middle school. cutting out stencils and spray painting images onto shirts. . so i always had an interest. then in high school (CARRICK) there was a class called VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS. it had a strong emphasis on screen printing. and i fell in love. after high school i joined the military and went to CAL U for Tech Ed. essentially New VIS COM… although they stopped teaching screen printing for the major. so i dropped out. i didnt want to be a metal shop teacher i wanted to print! after a tour in Iraq and a stint at co-owning a recording studio / record label; PRICELESS RECORDINGS; and a few year run with local digital print dynamos: Copies @ Carson, i decided to go back to school for business management and on the day i graduated from shitty Bradford School.. i signed the lease on my shop. and BPC was born. 10 / 23 / 09

Who are some of your larger customers if you can share that….

Well, i can share some, and some i cant. Weve printed for Time Bomb, Soul II Sole, Streetheart, Biggies Bullies, Manifest Fresh, Likewise Clothing, BOAZ, The 58’s, Pittsburgh Youth Golf Foundation, Iron City Beer, Mac Miller, Jordan Beckham, just to name a few customers. I could do this all day haha . those are some names that your audience may be familiar with.

How many designers do you work with and can you share some of the work you are most proud of?

I work with a few designers that broker work through me for their clients out of pittsburgh as well as NYC. I am proud to say for the past 3 years we have printed all the shirts for CREST FEST, a Brooklyn Arts / music festival held at Crest Hardware on Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
and to be honest, i am proud of every job we have ever done, big or small!

So other than tshirts, what else can people find you printing up in your shop?

Other than tee shirts, we print patches, Paper shopping bags, stickers (sometimes) and of course we are the makers of PORNOPINS .. its porn on inch and quarter buttons…

I have seen you do a freestyle at a local gathering before, what can you tell us about you music background and your connection to the scene?

Ahhhh you saw that, eh? hahahah well as i mentioned earlier, after a tour in the sandbox, i started a rap label with my homies BIG C (still making beats for many artists and i believe your site features a track of his with MAYO murdering the verses), Hays Bo, and Draztyk aka Johnny Cannons of THE CAMP .. so everyones kinda still involved in the PGH music scene .. and our crew PRICELESS FAM started in 2002 so.. theres definitely alot we’ve seen as far as other musicians .. even venues opening and closing. seen it all man.. i rap still occasionally but its more of a hobby and not even that. i make tee shirts. but you can see me perform most thursday nights at CANTINA in lawrenceville for their amazing KARAOKE night hahahaha

Did I see something about your own clothing label at one point? Tell us about it and where can we purchase?

HELL YEAH! Its called The WRK’n Class. 100% American Made Clothing for the modern Blue Collar Worker!  It can be purchased at our shop. 1628 Saw Mill Run Blvd 2nd Floor Pittsburgh PA 15210

Popgh stands for people of Pittsburgh going hard…. How do you go hard for your city?
I go hard. constantly. for my business. for my brand. for myself. and of course for my city. i travel alot and im quick to drop a PITTSBURGH reference to anyone!

SHOUTOUT to J.V. , Big Ern, Kerri, aka the Boot Prints Crew! Brick, KT, Drastik, Blasfome, and anyone else that ever bought anything off of us and or placed an order with the BPC . and thank YOU for reading this junk!

How can people reach you for pricing and order requests?

the preferable method is email: BOOTPRINTING@GMAIL.COM
phone works too: 412.882.4522
if your in a pinch.. twitter: @BOOTPRINTSCREW
IG: @joeboots
and facebook: JOE BOOTS .