1. You have been working to support the hiphop scene for 15 plus years, what accomplishment are you most proud of to date?

Over the years I have had several accomplishments, but I think the most important was when the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Coalition Threaten to Boycott WAMO and we had to go to their parent company American Urban Radio Network.  In 2006 we met with VP of AURN Mr. Jerry Lopes and this was the birth of Local Love on WAMO….The Old one 106.7 not Wamo 100


2. You had studied Photography, Video, and graphic design in college, which of the 3 do you like working with the most and why?

My true passion is video I started in the Hip Hop game filming Cyphers, and B-Boys at Club Laga.  I was approached by some of the people I was filming about putting a show together  at the time the only person I knew that could help me with this was Boca Domms now known as BOKA.  So the real reason I got into the Hip Hop game was to have something to film.

3. What motivates you the most about Pittsburgh Hiphop?

Hot Young talent, when I meet a talent young emcee, I get motivated on how I can help and how my resources may help them.

4. 1Livevision is something you started with some friends early on, whats in the name for you?

At the time I lived in Fineview right below WPXI also known as television hill.  From my Deck we had a view of the city unlike any other it was comparable to Mt. Washington, except from the other side of the city.  My one partner said you have one live view.  We turned one live view into one live vision hill, which was turned into what we have now 1Livevision.

5. What advice can you give to a young artist looking to get started with hiphop as an artist?

The most important thing I can advise a young artist is to study the business aspect of the game. It’s more important than the music, because I have run across a lot of talented people who didn’t have their business together and I also ran into less talented people who had their business in order and because of that they got booked for shows and were able to make money as an artist while not being the most talented artist in the city.   I also had a discussion with another very talented artist and we were debating who was next to blow.  I said the 58’s and Beedie, based on how they have their business set up, with managers, music being released, regional Buzz, shows and video’s.  Based on these artist having all of those things popping I find them more success than some other artist who are just as talented.

6. What can we expect from Goodnight in 2013?

In 2013 you can expect my first hosted Mixtape since I hosted “Snippets of Death” (Big Lyfe-Steel City Records).  March 21 I will be releasing my new mixtape “My Vision-Through the Eyes of a Veteran”.  I will also be hosting an Industry Event at a new venue in the city called 565LIVE @ 565 Lincoln Ave Bellevue, PA 15202 on the same date March 21st.  The event is called Future Nominee’s and will feature some of the Hottest  Artist in the City including RPG, Yung Bru, Julie Juice, Squad Life, Sour  Pacc, Treeo, Fly Guy Ent., RizzyRell22 & RSK, Good Green, Designer D, and Fatal.  We will also have a few performances from Veteran Artist who will perform their newest singles. This will include JSP performing “Only One”, Lady Homi – Game Official, Hollyhood f Inglan – Ice Cream & Mascatto and Joey Fattz performing his newest single.   In addition in 2013 we are working on the creation of the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Hall of Fame, the next event after March 21st will be Hip Hop Week May 14th-21st which we will hopefully have an event a day for that week.  You can also look for the return of the Hip Hop Academy in 2013 where mentor kids, in the elements of Hip Hop as well as teach them the history of Hip Hop.  So these are goals for 2013 and I think we should be able to get all goals achieved.

7. You have been working at it long enough to see some artists you worked with go mainstream.  What artist do you feel have what it takes to get to that level that haven’t?

In my opinion, Big Lyfe, 2Gzz, Capitol L, Lady Homi, Joey Fattz, JSP, pretty much the majority of the people on my new mixtape have a ton of talent.  It again goes back to business affairs in order.  All of the people have the talent to get to the next level.

8. You get involved with a lot of young new acts.  What new acts have your ear right now as ones to keep an eye on?

RPG, Yung Bru, Julie Juice, Squad Life, Sour  Pacc, Treeo, Fly Guy Ent., RizzyRell22 & RSK, Good Green, Designer D, and Fatal

9. Who’s on your iPod getting the most listens this week?

Just finished hosting my mixtape so I have been listing to the music from the mixtape, which features 4FiveGzz, RPG, Lady Homi, Teflon, 2Gzz, JSP, Hollyhood, Teflon, WuLords, Big Lyfe, Julie Juice, RizzyRell22, Fatal, Sinate Sound Records, Squad Life and Designer D

10. POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh Going Hard.  How do you go hard for your city?

I go hard for my city by finding the niche that’s needed and trying to feel it.  I did this when Pittsburgh Hip Hop was not getting enough radio play by creating the DJ Goodnight Show on Blogtalkradio.com in 2009 we just celebrated four years on air January 27th 2013.  I created Pittsburgh Hip Hop Magazine http://pghhiphopmagazine.ning.com when Pittsburgh Artist needed more exposure, and I keep doing shows because I know artist need outlets to perform. I also started 1LiveDJ’s to have a group of DJ’s that would spin Pittsburgh Music like I do, because we need more Pittsburgh Music in the Club.