Who is B.White?

If people haven’t noticed The 58s have upped their grind and set the bar high.

1.) What can we expect from B.white with “The Anomaly”, do you raise the bar even higher than you have on previous projects like “the verdict”?

Well of course any artist expects to raise the bar with every project, but with “The Anomaly” I wanted to go in a different direction than I did on prior albums. I chose to touch on a lot more negative instances in my life and tried to bring it to the light. Instead of glorifying doing wrong to survive, the “I want to change” seemed to come out a lot more. I suppose its just a transition into maturation.

2.) who can we expect to hear on this new project with you?

As usual it will be a select few. Mayo of course will be on it, along with Anna Ciaccío, Primavera Vills & Dj Tom Dug. Other than that, its going to be a whole lot of me.

3.) One thing that stands out for me is some of the classic sampling done on your songs. Who do you work with and what goes into it for you to get the sound you are looking for when selecting a beat to score with your verses?

Selecting beats is actually one of the easier things to do because I’m blessed enough to have solid relationships with great producers. Big Jerm, Sledgren, Swoots, JBG & Big Chubb, Sayez, Ricky P. The list goes on and i applaud all of them equally. They create the canvas for me so perfectly that drawing the picture becomes easy at times. Hats off to those guys.

4.) fans have favorite songs. What would your favorite song be that you have done and why?

Funeral Music. Death is inevitable, but I’m lucky enough to have the ability to keep someones name and memory alive through song. I feel like I’m with the people that i lost when it plays. Its just a special song.

5.) you grew up playing football which takes a lot of practice and dedication. Do you use what you learned on the field to craft and stay focused on you music path?

In a sense you could say that. My father, who recently passed, was always on the coaching staff. He was a disciplinarian. He expected the best of me, as did my team. Now we’re in a similar situation, just a different game. Music is no different than any other job or sport. If you want to be the best, then you’re going to have to work hard for it.

6.) you have done a lot of collabs with local artists. Who have you not yet worked with that you would like to?

Wiz Khalifa & Hubbs. I’ll go a step further and say i’d like to work with them on the same song. Both are superbly talented artists.

7.) Your merchandise, media and other image related marketing seem to be on point. Are you responsible for your own marketing plan and execution or do you have someone on your team with the lead on this?

We have a small, but extremely dedicated team. Blasfome has spring-boarded my career immensely with their behind the scenes work. Emails, blogs, interviews, clothing, fan pages & more start with them. Ben Fredette handles all filming, videos and anything visually that we release. Mayo overlooks the day to day operations. I rap & tweet. That’s my job. They make my life easy. We have a solid team.

8) what else can we expect to see from The 58s in 2013? Any big plans after dropping “the anomaly”?

Right now the focus is this project. But we plan on setting up a tour, most likely the east coast. The goal for 2013 is to become globally recognized that we aren’t going anywhere but up. We plan to show the world our seriousness. Just work hard, stay positive & pray. I believe everything will fall into place.

9) popgh stands for people of Pittsburgh going hard. How do you go hard for your city?

Everything I do is Pittsburgh. I’m a certified yinzer. I would go to war for this city. I bleed black & gold. My music is the epitome of what this city was built on. Hard work. I love Pittsburgh.


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