A Guest Post by Crowd Audio 

I have a theory I would like to share with you.

It’s about photos and videos at live shows.

It’s easy to get annoyed at all the smartphones raised in front of your face when you’re tryingto enjoy your favorite band. And you probably think to yourself:

Ugh, why can’t they just enjoy the concert. They’re so busy taking pictures and videos of the music they forget to actually listen to the songs…

Sound familiar? Or at least something to that effect is a very popular opinion.

And the worst part is, these fans will maybe post these videos to Facebook. Three of their friends will like them and the rest won’t care. And the band doesn’t reap any of these benefits because they’re usually not friends with these bands on Facebook so this video will get some exposure for all of 5 seconds until it’s forgotten by everyone.

Even the guy who took it.

Wouldn’t it be better to use all those raving fans with smartphones to your advantage as a band?

Make Your Fans Help You Out

In today’s hashtagged world of Instagram, it’s incredibly easy to get access to the fan photos.

Simply decide on a Hashtag and tell everyone during the concert to take as many pictures as possible. Then when they upload them to Instagram, simply have them tag their photos with your designated hashtag and you can find them later. It creates a stronger relationship with your fans.

You get access to their pictures and they feel like a part of the band.

If that’s not a cool quid pro quo then I don’t know what is.

Note: You could do the same thing by posting videos on Twitter and using the same hashtag since Instagram doesn’t do videos.

Make a Photo Contest During Your Shows

You can gamify your crazed, photo and video-snapping fans by making a contest out of the whole thing. Fans want to be involved with the bands that they like. They like getting personal attention from musicians that they look up to.

If you make a photo contest out of a particular show, and give away some cool prizes, then you can involve your fans even more than just hoping they’ll snap pictures of you.

By giving them an incentive to win something, some merchandise or free downloads of your album for instance, you’ll give them an even greater reason to participate.

Sure, some grumpy fan might be annoyed at all the smartphones up in the air, but wouldn’t you rather have 100 crazed fans taking pictures?

How are you recruiting your fans to help you out during your live shows?


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Music Clout – Using Your Fans to Get More Photos and Videos During Concerts.