Matty C., raised in Rankin, PA a small neighborhood on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Begin rapping and writing at a young age as a way to get through things life was throwing at him. The self proclaimed “Prophet of Rap” sites Young Jeezy, Kendricm Lamar, Biggie Smalls, and Big L is some of his musical influences.

Sheezy, raised in the Hazelwood section of Pittsburgh, PA, the same area as Wiz Khalifa. Instead of following the trend and sound of Wiz, he neglected the infuences of all artist surrounding him and created a style of his own flooded with memories and excitement of his own eventful childhood. He considers himself ” a nostalgic Afro-American nerd trying to breach the set lines of hip hop content with the use of video games and television fanatics”

Completing solo projects as well as group projects with their group “Three Deep”, they were always considered “the underdogs”. When they started taking the music seriously they recall people telling them they couldn’t be succesful. “This music was really the heartbeat We had when it felt like we didn’t have anything else”. With aspirations of becoming emcees with longevity in Hip-Hop with honest and lyrical music, writing music became an overdue cure to the bad days and a way to always remember the best days.

Matty C and Sheezy joint forces for yet another classic mixtape. Being emcees from a city where sometimes lyricism can be overlooked Matty C and Sheezy strive on making amazing music, but with content and substance. “The Untouchables”, a mixtape that’s inspired by past life experiences combined with influences of classic tales, takes listeners on a lyrical journey. With upbeat records like “Bleach”, it takes some back to 2005 as if they’re riding to “Thug Motivation 101” from Young Jeezy; to soulful yet conscious tracks like “The Remedy”. This mixtape is packed with twelve tracks of pure raw, some even hilarious flow that showcases versatility and talent as emcees and creators of music.