By Celeste Scott

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“The moment when you let ego takeover is the moment when things start going wrong.”
“Most known unknown person in Pittsburgh.”
“One thing I learned- there is NO AGE LIMIT on success.”

These are a mere sampling of the many gems that I encountered while interviewing HITTofMCM (Middle Class Millionaires). The mastermind behind the “IM SO BURGH” movement as well as the head engineer of MCM Studios, HITT is full of knowledge and advice for up and coming artists of all genres of music. HITTofMCM is a voice that is to be heard and heeded, not just on the music scene, but in living your best life.

In doing my research before our interview, I noticed that the HITTofMCM’s Twitter page description was an article in itself. It states “The Bob Ross of Audio, the Tim Burton of music creation. I sound like Kid Cudi made music with Devin the Dude and invited Kanye West in to critique it “

WOW is a drastic understatement.
The Bob Ross of Audio!
I thought to myself Bob Ross was a master at detailing every flower, every bird, every cloud to illicit the mood that he sought through art. He did not leave anything untouched or unfinished. Hmmm, HITT must be a master of detail. I made a mental note to inquire about this Twitter description which was musical in its presentation. Who knew that beyond those awesome comparisons, was even more depth. I decided that he had done such an amazing job of promoting and describing himself that I would allow the questions to present themselves to us. Indeed they did. We ended up conversing for two hours. If I had to choose a title to summarize what we spoke of, I would dub it the Evolution of HITTofMCM.

There is absolutely no justifiable way for me to possibly craft into a single article, the entirety of who HITTofMCM was, is, and shall be in the Industry. Instead, I will give you a glimpse of what he shared with me and invite you to discover HITTofMCM and become enthralled as I was. His blog is informative and relevant. The businessman that he has admittedly become is one to watch and anticipate his strategic implementation of his multitude of innovative ideas and concepts.
The Swiss Army Knife of Music
The impressive resume that the Middle Class Millionaires brand boasts in and of itself is insane. From penning his lyrics to conceptualizing and shooting videos, a project can be completed from start to finish under the umbrella of Middle Class Millionaires. Jokingly, Hitt said the only thing he doesn’t do is break dance in the hip hop culture. Somehow, I think if he tried it he could probably excel at that also. Consistency and determination is the flagship of his brand, that shines through.
If you have seen any of his videos, you will notice the character development, the story line, the depth, the cliff hangers, and the drawing power- that’s just scratching the surface.
No Job Too Big, No Artist Too Small
“No Job Too Big, No Artist Too Small” is the tagline on the poster of MCM Studios that invites artists to become a part of the creative process that is offered. The willingness of HITTofMCM to work with any artist is to be commended. Moreover, his integrity of providing the artists with quality products is commendable. Admirably, he makes it a practice to never berate anyone’s skill level and supports them as they progress as artists. He shared that he had seen many artists grace his studio with no knowledge of the process, but in time they became seasoned artists. There is something to say about someone who is passionate enough about the human condition that he will take in anyone with a dream and add his expertise to their notions, creating products that make them marketable. Make time to take a tour, it’s such a creative space . There are candles.
The Wall
Anyone who has been to MCM Studios will know what I am talking about when I mention “the Wall”. You have to go see it for yourself. Hittof MCM told me that he comprised of it all the CDs he has collected from the age of 14 until the present time. I made a valiant attempt at identifying them all but could not. From Jay-z to DJ Quik, even Pitt Bull before he rose to the top, they are all there. A hip hop connoisseur’s collage of creation this is also another testament to his mastery of detail. Most notable is that he has been creating music since the age of 14; a veteran in the game with such a knowledge base it cannot be covered in one article: it needs installments.
Look at me versus look at this
So, MCM Studios also functions as a hub for Videography! When you watch the Video stylings of HITTofMCM you will notice that they are largely concept based. This was spoken to me as the look at this versus look at me theory. Many videos call your attention to the artist, their attire or something about them, whereas HITTofMCM’s videos call your attention to a bigger theme. Less narcissistic in the approach, you are pulled in. Everything is used as a conduit to the creative theme, all the way down to the beverages consumed (watch the Data Recovery series). I watched the Data Recovery series myself and was blown away by the thought given to the project: the simplicity and complexity of it all. Another theme I picked up on about HITTofMCM, he is full of depth but able to convey it at a level where it is raw-almost in fossil fuel form- and easily consumable. What we spoke of dwelled with me and I revisit it. Staying power.
“I never stop thinking.”
Constantly reinventing and morphing himself and his brand while staying true to his core beliefs, from deejaying in high school to his current status as the CEO of his own viable empire, the work ethic that was shared during our discourse was one of a visionary with a true passion for the music an undying love for the people of Pittsburgh and a plan to reach his goals and beyond.
On April 1st 2014, Hittof MCM released the fourth video in the DATA RECOVERY mini-movie series which clocked over 150,00 views. The first three videos outline the story of a man who makes life decisions and where they continually lead him. I am not going to reveal too much, but I advise you strongly to go to and Go Through the Door. The promotional campaign was crafty and effective; I was ready to press play at the end of the description alone. I implore you to allow yourself to experience the cinematography and lyrical prowess that I mentioned. Like it, share it, leave comments! Over a thousand views already!
Upcoming Projects and Appearances
2014 is a year of pushing and progress for Middle Class Millionaires.
This summer, HITTofMCM will be traveling and extending his network and reach.

He will also be a panelist at the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Summit which will convene at Alloy Studios on Friday, April 4, 2014. Attend! He will have a surprise for everyone who does!
I myself would love to see a HITTofMCM podcast go down. He has such a punch when he speaks and he says such poignant nuggets. It is an unpredictability that delivers some great useful knowledge, he expounds on concepts you thought you’d mastered and adds his personal spin on them. A-ha moments everywhere, I assure you!

If I had to corral the vastness of HITTofMCM and MCM Studios into one word I would say memorable. We really had a blast and I am grateful for his openness to share the sacredness of his history and the direction of his creativity with me! Follow his sites; everything is updated on a regular basis!

Take some time and give him a shoutout- #MCM . He has done a lot to support artistry and share his expertise. I wish him a prosperous year and to go beyond his wildest dreams.

“Love Life, Live Rich” – Middle Class Millionaires

Official website:
Twitter: @HITTofMCM