1. So get us up to speed on your web series Up The Ante. Where did it begin?

Welllllll, I have been telling myself to start a channel for nearly 2 years but never started just because it’s an overwhelming thing to get into at first! However, I made a resolution to myself that at the start of 2014, I would finally start making videos…and now here I am.

2. Who all helps you with filming, editing etc?

Crazy enough, it’s all me.

3. How do you come up with the props for the show / skits?

9 times out of 10, the skits come to me as I’m laying in bed ready to go to sleep. The props on the other hand are anything that I can get my hands on. One recurring prop/character in my channel, “Cup Buddy”, is simply two cups and two straws that I stole from my dining hall because it looked hilarious when all put together one night while eating dinner.

4. How do you find time to write, film and edit your videos every week while also being a full-time college student?

Haha a hell of a lot of time management! Everything I need to do is written out in advance early in the week so I can make sure I don’t forget a huge exam or something super important.

5. Do you plan your episodes out several weeks at a time or does it all come together the week / day of?

Because I post videos every Friday, I try to have a good idea/outline of what I want to do in a video written out by Wednesday, film and edit on Thursday, and then upload on Friday.

6. Are there any other youtube shows that you are a regular viewer of?

I have been a religious “youtuber” for years. There’s honestly too many people to name! The big ones though that I watch are Connor Franta, Pewdiepie, Swoozie, Ksic Games, and Tyler Oakley.

7. Our sites primary focus is music and now we are expanding our coverage to other areas as well. Tell us about your music interests. Who can we find on your iPod right now?

Recently I’ve found an awesome underground kind of music called trap right now so a lot of that is on my iPod at the moment. But I’m also obsessed with Lana Del Rey, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga.

8. I think I’ve heard that you are also involved with music. Care to touch on that?Unknown-1

Sure! I started writing music in 6th grade and since I was 13 I started writing in a studio with RMG Music Group/Degenerate Records with producer Ronnie DiCicco. About 2 years ago, when I was 17 I had a song (Let’s Get it Started) chart on Billboard as a writer on the Dance/Club Play charts. It peaked at number 16.
Also when I was 14, I took voice lessons via Skype with James Lugo who is an American Idol voice coach in LA. I auditioned for American Idol as well and after making it to the third round, placed in the top 100 in Pittsburgh. However currently I’m taking a break from writing to focus on school and try Youtube out.

9. “Peace out cub scouts” Where does that come from?

Haha it started as a way I used to end texting conversation with people. Then when I was putting together the basics for my channel, I needed an outro. Peace out cub scouts just seemed to stick. I also call my subscribers my cub scouts so its also a way of saying bye to them in a cool-ish way.

Unknown-210. POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh Going Hard. How do you go hard for your city?

Because everyone from Pittsburgh has that competitive streak, I go HAM when someone challenges me or my hometown. Gotta represent Da ‘Burgh!

Also I’d like to give thanks my friend Mary Kaye, who occasionally appears in my videos and also has a channel called DudeitsMK, Ksic Games for being supportive, POPGH for also being supportive and helping me expand my audience, my parents for buying me a nice camera to even start my channel, my siblings for embracing my weirdness, and all my cub scouts who always find a way to make my day.