Tribe Eternal Music Group (TEMG) is excited to announce the launch of their Official website []! is a website devoted to the content of TEMG, and acts as a platform to further promote Tribe Eternal’s mission to assist in establishing and promoting artists and artistic events that address social, political, and spiritual issues that resonate with art consumers. will give the consumer complete access to everything Tribe, including but not limited to; Music Videos, Exclusive Music Releases, Upcoming Events, and Apparel.

We at Tribe Eternal Music Group are also extremely excited to announce that we have an official beat store for artists looking for production as well as the entire Tribe Eternal Music Group discography in the main store section for purchase and free download!

As many may know, Tribe Eternal Music Group owns the Flow Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA, which is a cultural event center that promotes artistry at all levels. If interested in having an event at the Flow Lounge you will also be able to directly inquire on the “Contact Us” section of

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Contact Information:
Kevin Howard (President of Tribe Eternal Music Group)