10426151_10152304920566966_1991739775415214944_n1.) So Tom where did all this recent energy and creativity come from? Not saying you wasn’t creative before but I’ve been seeing your creative thinking up a few notches.

A few very heavy and life changing personal situations put me out of commission for a lot of last year. Even though i put out a ton of great work in ‘13, I was on a creative plateau. Now, I have a clear head, and newfound gusto. The amount of inspiration and drive I have now is miles beyond anywhere I’ve been in my career, and it’s only continuing on an upward trend.

2.) Photo editing, music videos, animation, logo design, web design, what am I missing?

Commercials, event coverage, voice over work, and directing multiple helicopters while in a helicopter, hunting coyotes with a sniper rifle.904499_10100773363306138_1516307423_o

3.) What areas do you enjoy creating in the most?

I absolutely love post production. Whether it’s for photos, or video, taking raw images and turning them into something compelling is the reason I do what I do.

4.) any major projects underway that we can expect to see soon?

A shitload. I have my time bending series that’s about ready to drop. A ton of great performers put in a TON of time practicing, and the pieces we’re creating are definitely some of the most visually interesting media I’ve had the privilege of creating.

5.) you have a nice portfolio that’s continuing to grow. Anything come to mind that you would most like to add to it in the future?

Animations. I’m really good with visual effects, animation, and compositing. Unfortunately, the time it takes to do projects like that make it impossible for me to do them as often as I’d like. I’m currently looking for clients with the budget for some next level motion graphics to help define their image.


6.) often times you post selfies of yourself with clients, friends etc with a horrified look. When and what started this?

My clients are horrifying people, generally. 😉

7.) what motivates you?

I have 2 kids, Aiden (7) and Phoenix (2). They are with me full time, and they’re my motivation to keep pushing on, even when times get hard. My girlfriend, Jessica is amazing with them, and all of my forward momentum right now wouldn’t be possible without her and her help.

8.) what’s 1 interesting fact, hobby etc that you have that others may not know?

I have a quasi famous air band that has opened for vanilla ice. I shit you not.

9.) tell us about this new project portal you created. Benefits, features and how it’s working out.


Project Progress Portals are my answer to a bunch of problems I’ve encountered, and my peers have encountered while producing digital media. I’ve created personalized and password protected webpages for all of my current and future projects. These portals have EVERYTHING you need in convenient access; Contracts, Receipts, Treatments, Scripts, Drafts, and a threaded notes system that makes communicating about your project as easy as it could be.

My goal was to eliminate the need to communicate on multiple platforms, and give my clients peace of mind that their project has my full attention.

It has been working amazingly. Currently, 9 jobs have been finished through Portals, and I got them done much faster than the traditional means of emailing, facebooking, texting, and dropboxing. The quality of work is also a lot better because the system helps me budget my time on projects more equally between clients.

10.) share some of your most favorite creations and why they are your favorites
In no specific order:


A multimedia piece I did for you guys. This piece means a lot to me because of the importance of it’s message. It’s
a PSA featuring Mark Fletcher JR, AKA young midas immediately following his life changing car accident.

Clique Vodka’s “The New Black” Commercial. Because, black leopard.
TrackingPoint Rifle Tracking
Moving Targets and Extreme Accuracy
The first video my crew at Lethal412 and I got to shoot for TrackingPoint. Helicopters, Phantom Cameras, and smart rifles. This was so much fun to do.

11.) popgh is people of Pittsburgh going hard. How do you go hard for your city?

As much as I’m gearing towards a national and corporate client base, I’m always doing what I can to make myself available to work with the local scene. I develop, refine, and execute all my freshest tricks and skills on the local scene, and implement them on a large scale with the bigger jobs.


Check out his work at www.tomlark.in