Whats behind the rebranding of P.Vicious to his new name Lua’ Proc.

1- Why the new name after working so hard to build up the p.vicious name?
The reason for the name change from working so hard to build the P. vicious brand is because P.Vicious wasn’t really my choice for my artist name. That name was giving to me by my New York homie rah rah. So that name stuck with me. Also I don’t think P.Vicious is catchy enough for this new generation. So I decided to reinvent myself as an artist and focus more on me and my own music!
2- You had been in talks with P.Diddy, over the past  year or so, what can you say about the guidance and knowledge he passed onto you?  
It was a very pleasant learning experience. He showed me the right way to create a packet for the music industry and what’s required. And schooled me on how to be a boss and run a company. Much love to Mr. Combs and his empire.
3- How long have you been in the music business?
I’ve been in the music business going hard pushing other artists for like 7 years.
4- What inspires you to create music?
My life inspires me to create music. I went through life’s ups and downs. So I can speak it through my music from real life experiences.
5- What are you currently working on other than the rebranding?
Currently I’m working on my first mix tape called PORTRAIT of a HUSTLA
6- What do you want fans to get out of hearing your music? 
I want fans to be able to relate to my life experiences. And I want them to be able to jam in the clubs and ride in there cars listen to the words, feeling the shit. 
7- Is music a hobby, career or a way of life for you?
Music to me is all of thee above. 
8- Which local artists would you like to collab with that you have yet to work with?
I’m willing to work with any hot artist that’s willing to work with me. 
9- What’s next for you?
Getting my new label and my name popping through media sites, videos, major magazine, ect. High End Society is the label and LUA’ PROC IS MY NAME
10- Is the idea for your own liquor something in progress or still in the idea stages?
It’s still an idea as of right now.
11- POPGH stands for people of pittsburgh going hard, how do you go hard for your city?
 I do everything with my city in mind!!! 
Shout out all the local artist going super hard. Check me out. Twitter.com/luaproc | Luaproc.com.