With The end of 2014 coming TeeJay decides to drop a new song from his upcoming mixtape Goal’D. Minor setbacks in the year of 2014 have set back the release of Goal’D as well as other new music but 2014 was a big year for TeeJay and his label mate Komplex in other ways. The setbacks of his release havent stopped him and Komplex from performing in multiple shows this year in not only Pittsburgh but New York and Atlanta. They also took home 1st place in the first edition of DJ Afterthoughts King of the Burgh and have been making major moves behind the scenes. This song addresses what many people have been pushing for in the state of Pennsylvania and that is the legalization of marijuana. It touches on the subjects of people being arrested for petty crimes such as smoking marijuana and brings an ultimate message to just legalize the so called drug. This is the 6th song released from Goal’D and a very enjoyable track.