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tyler minear

TMI TAG! | Up The Ante

22 March 2014

To start, I am so sorry if this is incredibly boring lol. Don’t be too harsh though:p Anyways, Donate your thumbs and give me a like and subscribe to join the Cub Scouts today! -Tyler People I be Tagging! DudeitsMK AmandaChronicles Ksic Games Follow me below! _ Twitter! Instagram! Tumblr! Pinterest! via […]

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Who is Tyler Minear and what is Up The Ante?

9 March 2014

1. So get us up to speed on your web series Up The Ante. Where did it begin? Welllllll, I have been telling myself to start a channel for nearly 2 years but never started just because it’s an overwhelming thing to get into at first! However, I made a resolution to myself that at […]

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