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Swoozy – I Am A Monster

6 September 2014

This song is dedicated to all the misfits… All the outsiders… If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this existence can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world. Feel Me? (Hook) Bitch I am a monster, I’m a beast Give Me A Muthafuckin beat, let me […]

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Swoozy & Rodge – Insecure

24 August 2014

Why you act like that? Cuz I never messed around on you. And you should know that I have your back. But it’s obvious you don’t think it’s true. Cuz you always try to find something wrong… But I been down for you way too long… *So I gotta ask* Hook-Repeat(x4) Why you so insecure? […]

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Swoozy – Nightmares On Wax (Remix) – Soul Purpose

3 April 2014

Remix To A Song By One Of My Favorite New Bands "Nightmares On Wax" "Soul Purpose" via ▶ Swoozy-Nightmares On Wax (Remix)-Soul Purpose – YouTube.

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Swoozy – Hard Rock Cafe Performance

8 February 2014

(Swoozy) He definitely shut DOWN the show and taught all of these dudes something!!! OMG Talent Showcase ▶ Hard Rock Cafe Performance – Swoozy – YouTube.

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The Pittsburgh OMG Talent Showcase a success

7 February 2014

By: Jay Connor Last night, February 6th, 2014 was a great night for Pittsburgh hip hop and r&b. The Pittsburgh OMG (On My Grind) Talent Showcase, planned by JDM Talent Showcase partnered with Tokyo Toni/Shalana Hunter kicked off at Pittsburghs Hard Rock Cafe! I had the pleasure from one of the judges seats of being […]

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