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Henny Jones & Luxo – Fifty Shades Of 420

20 April 2016

A smooth song for the Stoner couples and all the people celebrating the 420 holiday! Produced by SuperStar O. Special Shoutout to Pittsburgh Norml

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Luxo ft. Hennessy Jones – Soul Juice

21 June 2015

Soul Juice is the best way to start your night so go get you a cup of that Soul! The Song Is As Smooth As The Drink! “Gone Off Of That Henny..Soul Juice All In My Cup!”

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H&T – Ground Forces Hands up Dont Shoot

10 October 2014

dedicated to the young lives lost in this age of violence – The H&T

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Hennessy Jones & Luxo (The H&T) – Bamboozled

17 August 2014

Bamboozled was originally made to put a comical twist on the music that is heard in the mainstream world and it just happen to turn into an INSTANT CLASSIC mixtape! #Bamboozled #BamboozledSummer via Hennessy Jones, Luxo – Bamboozled Hosted by Tribe Eternal Music Group, DJ Swaggy Jefferson // Free Mixtape @ Download Mixtape | […]

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No Panties (Hennessy Jones & Luxo ft. Alumni)

18 June 2014

The First Single Off The Upcoming Mixtape Bamboozled!No Panties #NoPanties #Bamboozled#BamboozledSummer

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