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Kenneth Harper

2 Pistols Takes Over Pittsburgh

15 May 2015

By Kenneth Harper, EBMS Platinum Recording Artist from Florida, 2 Pistols aka 2P, comes back on the music scene hard and with a bang. 2 Pistols is known for his 2008 hit single “She Got It” featuring T-Pain. He is definitely back with a few hits from his mixtape entitled “Comin’ Back Hard” to include […]

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Goin Stormy: A Date With Mizz Storm

4 February 2015

By Kenneth Harper, EBMS I received an invite to go on a date with someone who knows me better than I thought. Many times I have declined this date due to our strict schedules but this time she gave me an offer I could not refuse. She set up a date at the library; is […]

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Courtney Noelle’s “Love on the Run “ Mixtape Listening Party

7 February 2014

By Kenneth Harper, EBMS If you own or have heard Wiz Khalifa’s latest album entitled O.N.I.F.C. or you have attended Wiz Khalifa’s 2050 tour, you should be familiar with Taylor Gang artist Courtney Noelle.  Are you still stumped or not a Taylor Gang connoisseur yet? Let us give you a hint  “Whatever you want boy […]

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