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Hater Magnet


23 March 2015

LAZY BLACKMAN, Blithehound, and IPH do a quick interview at What IPH Studio?! to promote the RETURN TO THE PLANET OF THE APES show at the Brackenridge American Legion March 28th…Brought to you by Hater

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Dugan has the scene on FIRE

3 February 2015


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K Pound Moorefield (Pittsburgh)

31 January 2015

Wear it proud like life… Keep up with K-Pound on Facebook K Pound Moorefield #$treet Tested, HaterMagnet APPROVED! BOOK K-POUND IN YOUR CITY Follow @therealkpound on Twitter FREE CENO

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JSP – Magnanimous album release

30 November 2014

Introducing JSP…(Justuce Street Poets) As a veteran group from the Pittsburgh, PA underground hip-hop scene, the Justuce Street Poets (pronounced Just-Us) are an electric and eclectic mix of emcees and personalities. The way that they blend the styles and looks of an biker/born hustler, a smooth yet aggressive ladies/business man, add in a model/PR director/Hype […]

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Yung Rellz “INTERNATIONAL TAKEOVER” feat. M.Tomlin

28 July 2014

Yung Rellz is back and M. Tomlin is with him TAKING OVER NATIONALLY!!! Shot by: Djones Productions & Yung Ice Edited by: Djones Productions Clothing by: Magu Clothing and Hater Magnet & FB-MaguClothingNYC & Hater Magnet Apparel Co. Twitter & IG- MaguClothing & HATERMAGNET via Yung Rellz “INTERNATIONAL TAKEOVER” feat. M.Tomlin – YouTube.

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2 May 2014

BEHOLD! sPITTzkrieg is back from the future bearing gifts! @spittzkrieg

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Ho Bang! [Cory Eaux & Kniseburgh] – I’m Sooo Hiiiiigh

10 April 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Iph at What Iph!?!? Studio via ▶ Ho Bang! [Cory Eaux & Kniseburgh] – I'm Sooo Hiiiiigh (Prod By I.N.F.O.) by Justuce Street Poets.

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Words from Slim of Hater Magnet

14 July 2011

On my job I am… there is a level of effort needed to even see your dreams be a possibility. The sky is the limit only if your willing to do what it takes to reach the sky. The JSP continues to show a competitive edge when it comes to there showmanship and promotional game. […]

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