Why you act like that?

Cuz I never messed around on you.

And you should know that I have your back.

But it’s obvious you don’t think it’s true.

Cuz you always try to find something wrong…

But I been down for you way too long…

*So I gotta ask*


Why you so insecure? So Insecure. So Insecure. Why you so insecure…

And why you always gotta go and take me there?

When you know damn well, I ain’t going nowhere…

Cuz you always try to find something wrong

But I’ve been down for you way too long…

So I Gotta Ask…

(Repeat Hook)


Look I could understand if I really fucked up

But I been all about you, gave you nothing but love

I been down for too long, so, tell me what’s up?

Are you gonna start believing, or

Will I end up leaving, your…

Insecure ass, why you mad? Whats the reason fo’

You used to be my sugar but now you bouncing from sweet to low…

So what you trippin for? Always actin insecure.

Asking me a million questions soon as I walk in the door

Like "who’s that bitch that was liking all your IG pictures"

That’s the type of shit to make me really not wanna be with ya

Girl i’m committed but i’m out here living.

So just respect my existence or expect my resistance

I refuse to be, having you accusing me…

Of shit I ain’t do, girl that’s the reason your losing me.

Yeah, and I know you love me but that’s not the way to prove it

When you see me getting "cake" you gon "wish" you never "blew it"

So tell me…

(Repeat Hook)

via Swoozy&Rodge-Insecure by Swoozy on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.