This song is dedicated to all the misfits…

All the outsiders…

If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this existence can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.

Feel Me?


Bitch I am a monster, I’m a beast

Give Me A Muthafuckin beat, let me eat

Bitch I am an animal, off the leash

If it aint bout’ money I don’t wanna hear you speak

Bitch I am a monster, I’m a beast

Give Me A Muthafuckin beat, let me eat

Bitch I am an animal, off the leash

If it aint bout’ money, don’t speak…

(Verse 1)

I’m not human bitch I’m animatronic and my hands are bionic/

You’ll get slammed for your comments while your fam stands in astonishment/

To shocked to react you leakin through the top of ya hat/

You not poppin so just stop with the act/

Listen the prophet is back, I tell the future every time that I’m rhyming/

I got the, heart of a lion, the mind of a Mayan/

Predicted, my moments coming, I’m buzzin’ faster than ever/

I’m what happens when bad and evil starts clashing together/

Ratchet and righteous, don’t give a fuck who happens to like it/

Im a cup with Jay-Z, Kanye and Marshall Mather’s inside it/

No moments of silence, the sirens keep ringing cuz I’m stormin hard/

Fresher then yeshua, and more than god, you should warn ya squad/

Don’t call it blasphemous, I kick gluteus maximus/

I’m like Jesus of Nazareth having his first acid trip/

Yeah, I’m hallucinatin from the shrooms I’m takin/

The moves I’m making got the young boy illuminatin/

Like who is Satan? Cuz I’ve never seen em/

He’s just a made up creature to keep my people from reaching achievements/

I’m deleting the demons out of my mind to make it infinite/

Everyone’s divine they just forget to remember it/



(Verse 2)

Look, As I travel down this road to redemption/

I aspire to inspire those who listen to all the shit I be spittin/

I get a little bit different every single day/

Because I realize things die when they stay the same/

But some people saying I fell off, they sayin I got soft/

No, I just found myself and them muthafuckas still lost/

I got a bunch of people that I used to call my dawgs/

And now days we don’t speak to each other at all/

But I don’t give a fuck about the friends that i’ve lost/

Cause I know every moment has a cause/

So I ain’t trippin…

But I get sick of all them fuckin cheerleaders/

Who be tryna judge the game while they sittin in the bleachers/

And that’s why I feel like a home sick alien/

Waiting for my family to abduct me into space again/

I’m not concerned with making friends cuz humans don’t amuse me/

If you’re stupid than you probably think my music is confusing/

But I’m doing what I’m doing just to let all of these people know.

That i’m just tryna clean their soul/

And my music’s like taking ayahuasca while a shaman sings you his icaros/

I’m a genius bro, I spit heat until your speakers blow/

And I’m living life free cuz I don’t have a fear/

I’ll pull yo bitch while i’m driving a fuckin cavalier/

Imagine when I skurttt up in that Maserati/

She a prolly let me rock her body like she popped a molly/


(Verse 3)

I had a dream just last night that truly was bizarre/

I was kicking it in my room with Rumi and Bashar/

And if you don’t know who they are then you better do some research/

But shit can get deep so you might wanna smoke some weed first/

Every time I speak you better reverse each verse/

Experience your re birth, Make your spirit leave earth/

Cuz as someone’s being born someone’s probably being murdered/

And my soul is so free I feel my body is a burden/

You can sense it if you ever talk to me in person/

I’m not from this dimension and my heart is fuckin hurtin/

Cuz I feel like I don’t belong/

That’s why I wrote this song/

So all the ones who understand can know we hold a bond/

Were one in the same were not fuckin insane/

But the struggle and pain can make us feel stuck in the rain/

But the sun will shine when you put the blunt to the flame/

Because you gotta stay high if you wanna maintain/

& that’s why…


via ▶ Swoozy-I Am A Monster by Swoozy.