You’ve got a wide profit margin because the cost of CD Duplication is minimal compared to the price fans will pay for them. And, selling CDs gets your music out there to fans who will recommend your music.

10922828_10153024596464894_90937456932176824_nTempt audiences at your performances, keep these 6 tips in mind, and you’ll sell CDs and make money:

Pricing. Charge $10 for an album and $5 for a single and most fans won’t think twice about buying one or more CDs. Selling two CDs for a bargain price is irresistible. Keep prices at $5 increments, and you won’t have to mess with small change.
Giveaways. Consider rolling the price of a CD into the admission charge. It’s like you’re giving them away, but you’re not. Or hand out a few as door prizes—and watch the rest of the audience have CD envy.
Special CDs. Selling CDs that are live recordings, impromptu sessions or feature songs that are not on an official release makes fans feel like they’re buying something special. These “quasi-bootleg” CDs become collectors’ items.
Concession stands. Mark the title, price clearly and keep CDs at eye level. If you’re selling more than one CD, put them in groups. Concession stand helpers who are pers10390914_10152810174629894_5299387105784573925_nonable and/or attractive entice fans to buy more.
Easy payments: Take cash, checks and credit cards, which are easy to process thanks to smart phone/tablet mobile apps and dongles (hardware that offers a secure connection).
Strong shows = strong sales. Connect with you your fans on stage, win them over with a memorable
performance and they’ll want a CD to take home that recreates that cool experience. It’s that easy.
Selling CDs at gigs can help you finance your next recording session or tour. If CDs aren’t your thing, USB flash drives work too. You can get started with POPGH’s CD Duplication service.

Spindle of Cds (including duplication) NO PACKAGING JUST CDS
High gloss premium 100 – $100
Cds with Packaging
Jewel box (like a slim down version of dvd case) $250 per 100 typically 2 to 3 day turn around.
Insert that wr11254113_10153687045704894_7508113794153169267_naps front and back of case, case, premium CDs and Duplication

Slim jewel case $200 per 100 typically 2 to 3 day turn around.
Premium Cd
s, slim jewel case, heavy stock insert, and duplication


Sleeve $150 per 100
Cd, sleeve, heavy stock insert, and duplication

Full jewel case, 2 sided tray, heavy stock inserts, premium CDs $300 per 100 typically 2 to 3 day turnaround