A Guest Post by Brendan Clemente of Successfulband.com

Selling CD's

Do you think you could sell 1000 CD’s in a weekend?

Let me rephrase that: What if you had to sell 1000 CD’s in a weekend, and your life depended on it?

My band mate asked me this question about a month ago and I had the typical knee-jerk response that most people do.

“That would be impossible. We usually only sell so and so at our shows. Not enough people know who we are to buy it. Do you know how hard it is to sell CD’s?”

He smiled and asked me again. “Come on Brendan, I mean literally. If someone told you that your life would end next Monday morning if you didn’t sell 1000 CD’s, could you do it? How hard would you try to save your own life?”

Finally, the wheels started turning.

How would I go about selling 1000 CD’s in a weekend?

The Ultimate Motivation

The importance of the question lies in the motivation. It presents you a scenario that doesn’t really give you a choice.

Most of us don’t want our lives to end. In fact, we’re terrified of it. So if you had to sell 1000 CD’s in a weekend to literally save your life, you’d probably try harder than anything you’ve ever tried before.

You see, almost no situation in life keeps us as motivated as we need to be in taking action. We tell ourselves that we’ll sell 1000 CD’s organically, through good old hard work and persistence.

This may be true, but it’s part of the reason that it usually ends up taking so long to do it. We wait for the timing to be right, or give ourselves other excuses on why we haven’t accomplished certain goals yet.

But when presented with a life or death scenario, instead of thinking of all the reasons we can’t sell 1000 CD’s in a weekend, you get off your ass and call everyone you know saying that youreally need them to buy a CD!

Motivation isn’t always enough

But even with this motivation in mind, I can still see myself having a hard time waking up at 6AM on a Saturday to do this when it feels so good to lay in bed and sleep. My tired mind would tell me I have all day, and in case I miss the goal, I’ll at least have enjoyed a good rest before I pass on Monday.

You really have to make sure that you get out there and take action.

I read a post the other week by James Clear called

“Achieve Your Goals: Research Reveals a Simple Trick That Doubles Your Chances for Success”

This post makes it clear, motivation alone isn’t enough to get you to take action.

I’m sure the urgency of life or death motivation would help, but as James outlined, even with breast examinations it didn’t always work.

To double your chances of success, you need to be taking action. And you need to be taking action by setting a time and place, going out and doing it. Write it down on your calendar. “I, Brendan Clemente, will go out and sell CD’s by the boardwalk starting at 8AM on Saturday morning.”

The lessons to be learned

1. Stop thinking about what you can’t do, and start thinking about what you will do.

As my initial knee-jerk response indicated, most of us jump to the defense and complain about all the reasons we wouldn’t be able to do this. We can’t sell 1000 CD’s in a weekend because…

This is how our minds are programmed to think about accomplishing things… we end up psyching ourselves out before even trying!

If your life truly depended on it, hopefully you’d start brainstorming ways to sell those thousand CD’s. Call family, call friends, setup a stand, get it on the news… whatever it takes!

2. Take action.

Even if you’d likely fail the task, you’d probably try pretty hard to accomplish it. You’d get out there immediately and tell people what was happening, and act with an urgency that you’ve never worked with before!

How bad do you want to achieve your goals? What are you doing every day toward achieving them?

In reality, none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. So choose your goals today, and pick a time and place that you’re going to accomplish them.

Hopefully none of you are actually in this scenario, but it really did open up a new line of thought for me. It made me think of what I was (more accurately wasn’t) currently doing to sell CD’s.

How hard would you work toward a goal if your life depended on it?

My name is Brendan. I am a writer, blogger (successfulband.com) and musician. The music industry is a very complex and often intimidating place, and my aim is to help you navigate through and realize exactly what it takes to not only be successful, but to be happy.