552395_10100435108042398_301653215_nTom Larkin now known as Seamus McLarkin is entering the Pittsburgh music scene from a new angle. Many of you know him for his skills behind a camera. He’s now coming at us behind a mic as a rapper. He has mad a bold claim that he’s the next Macklemore. I also seen mentioned that “Seamus McLarkin got rhymes for days, and he is really super cool with the gays.”

Tom had a difficult year to say the least. Many changes in his personal life may have pushed him a bit over the edge so to speak. Its suspected that the various rumors circulating and speculations may be driving him to find himself.

Today he stood up on his social media platform to confront the rumors that are weighing on him in hopes to move on with his life.

“I think secrets are for cowards, and if you aren’t willing to step up and take accountability for your decisions, why did 309_544257881288_9972_nyou make them in the first place? First and foremost, I’m retiring from being a digital media artist. I’ve worn that hat long enough, and it’s time to move on to bigger and better things in life. I was meant for something greater than that.”

He also mentioned that over the past few months he has been working hard crafting his next step. Likely a reference to his recent song that he released as a warning shot!

Tom said that from this point forward he will be known as Seamus McLarkin, He will be legally changing his name to that as soon as his EBT card money comes in. Seems to me like he’s lost his mind but time will tell. Will he be the NEXT biggest hip hop artist to come out of Pittsburgh PA as he is claiming to be?

27810_669908820798_5498899_n“The rumors are true. The buzz you have been hearing has been dead on; Tom Larkin has arrived to change the game of hip hop forever.”

He will be releasing his EP, Rap Game Shwayze on itunes and myspace music this spring, and he would like to take you all along on his journey to become the most important MC in hip hop history.