Meet Rollie Fingaz…  Some know him as Young Roach’s side kick and some may not know him at all.  POPGH had the opportunity to meet with Rollie Fingaz for an interview.   Rollie talks about his passion for art from musicial to visual.
1.) So where did the name ROLLIE FINGAZ come about?
I was leafing through some old baseball cards and seen Rollie Fingers, with a mystical grin as he stares into space. Its like he knew people were staring at his silly moustache, but he enjoyed the attention.
2.) What inspired you to go from producing and engineering into hooks and 16s on the beat.
I felt that if I was to be involved with something musical, I should take a more multi-faceted approach, instead of limiting myself to merely production and sound arrangements. I learned from watching others record, and finally gained the confidence to try it out myself.

3.) Does ROLLIE FINGAZ have any solo plans in the near future?

This summer, my album, produced mainly by Had33zle will shake the world up.

4.) Many dont know that you studied art at PSU. Where do you see yourself investing in this knowledge and talent next?
I studied at Penn State to be an art teacher. I took some time off school for legal and financial problems, but plan on returning unless I make a bajillion dollars in the rap game. I would like to be an art professor, so I can profess what I have learned about art.

5.) You have a unique style of cartoonish looking sketches. Do you have a name to best distcribe your flavor of art?
My most recent flavor of art, I would call sketchbook art because it is very immediate, and done in one sitting. Some art has taken me months to finish in the past, so I have been creating quicker stuff with sharpies and highlighters just to find a groove for some larger pieces I will be working on.

6.) Would the self portrait of Rollie and Anton look the same?
They would look different now, but may one day appear the same.

7.) Have you sold any of your art pieces?
I have sold several pieces, have several current commissions, and countless future ones. But I have also given many things away.

8.) Have you ever thought about how your art would look transformed over to clothing?
I certainly have thought about the t shirt stuff, and have been looking for the right person to print my designs…

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