Your music seems to hold strong views on religion and politics. Whats the message you are hoping people get from your music?

I want people to love. I want people to see that we are facing a crisis, time to open up them eyelids. evolve or die is what we are faced with. religion, politics, race, gender, all these things put up fences between people. we are all the same. all one. and all capable of amazing things when we work together. its crazy how much people hate each other when we all bleed the same, we all cry, we all fear, are all CONDITIONED to fear. in order to unite we must shed these things that protect us, things like religion or being a “democrat” or “republican” and just live for humanity. live for love. we can do that through education. breaking away from our conditioning and learn to love unconditionally. a main theme im trying to touch upon with this mixtape is the power of the individual to open up their mind and realize that we are all a part of something bigger than ourselves and our egos.

Other than music, what other career or hobbies interest you?

Other than music i am a writer and an artist. i have always had a passion for the arts. dance, theatre, literary and visual arts. i have been in magnet school since the sixth grade. 3 years as a visdual artist at the old rogers and a literary artist at capa

I am learning piano these days. i want to test my hand at an instrument again its been years since i picked up a guitar. i love jazz so being able to play jazz piano is a goal of mine

Whats it like being a female rapper in the pittsburgh music scene?1374734_10151966140772378_2130388795_n

People are very supportive of my music and love my message. Being a female mc is the best job ever. i mean hip hop is predominately men, but why? girls can spit too! Lol so being able to hang with the boys is always cool, but the reality is the ladies can do anything these guys are doing.  {WINK and a SMILE}

What other local artists do you listen to?

Local artists? Lucid music. those guys rule and Warren Parker is that dude. a really great guy. I have had alot of wonderful people reach out being so new to the music scene I’ve only been putting myself out there for what a year now? I have always been into writing, then came the freestyling. Then I thought, I could use the power of music to change things. and we live in a day and age where we are well overdue for change, some kind of reolution. lets bring some change through revolutionary raps! Seriously I’m tired of being told to consume. I DONT wanna get my lean on and I prefer slippers to jays on my feet. Thank you very much.

What mainstream artists motivate you and your music?

Punk music will always be my first love. Subhumans, Black Flag, Crass but i love artists like Capital Steez, Dessa, Mos Def, Tribe Called Quest.  As far as music on the radio I try to avoid it lol gives your brain cavities. i do have a love for jazz as well, Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, and Keith Jarrett.

Paint it black is one of my favorite songs by you. What single stands out most for you in your mind?

Paint it black and angry young and poor really got my gears going. I gave those songs all I had. I am tired of living in a world that doesn’t serve all of humanity just a small percentage of people. I wont have it and I wont stop spitting til its changed



946267_10151699798177378_132208471_nWhat can we expect to see next from you, what are you working on?

What is spit is my contribution to protest.  My music is my picket sign.

The video for paint it black is dropping soon.  In the works now.  The mixtape “One” in december.  No set date yet.

POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh going hard. How do you go hard for your city?

I do not only go hard for my city (born and raised!!!) but i got hard for this whole planet. I’m doing this for all of us, I want to live in a world without chemtrails in the sky and flouride in our water and gmos in our food. I want to live in a world where our children are not given a filtered education. I want to live in a world of truth. I’m going hard for my planet.

Where can we find you? Give some links and your shout outs.

“Save the World in a day” is a sneek peek of the mixtape “One” coming in december.



Here is the video that got people asking for more. I made this for a friend of mine not even thinking people would watch it. But I was pleasantly suprised. People started reaching out with my very first video. I’m working on paint it black really makes me think “man has time flew out the window” its been a year maybe a little less and so many doors of oppertunity are opening. I cant wait to see myself blossom. I am proud of my growth.

www.facebook.com/RosaSparks69 i love friends so you can find me here and let’s be friends!

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