Rellsy : The lame with a name


Shelbie Woo of also had an opportunity to interview Rellsy recently:

1. In your songs, what do think is the most complex element, beats or lyrics?

In my songs I would have to say the most complex element would be lyrics most of the time. The beat is also. They tend to balance each other out.

2. What is it that you offer with your career and music that others don’t?

One thing i offer with my music that others don’t would be a sense of that old school Hip-Hop sound and flow. Not saying others don’t do the same thing, but I’m more into the art of story telling. Hip-Hop not Rap. There is a difference.

3. Before performing or recording, what is something you do to prepare yourself?

I haven’t performed yet, but before recording i usually just listen to the beat and rap the lyrics quietly just to make sure everything goes together and matches up. So that way if I have to make changes to the song, i can do it before hand instead of repeatedly stopping the process.

4. Would you say you style is more free style, rehearsed, or a mix of both?

I’d say most of the time my style is rehearsed, but sometimes I might just hear a beat and have to start recording something right then and there.

5. Do you like working solo or do you favor working together with other artists?

I like working with other artists, seeing how they go about there recording process and it’s kind of like a friendly competition going on. Most of the time though I’m working alone.

6. Where do think you developed your musical ability/interest from?

I just developed my musical ability/interest from listening to artists like Biggie, Pac, Jay-Z, Big L, Wu-Tang Clan. From there i just sort of started doing my own thing.

7. If music weren’t in your life, where would you be?

If i weren’t doing music I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing now also, going to school.

8. Do you think if you were living somewhere else, your music would have more/less of an impact on the world?

If i were living somewhere else I think my music would still have the same effect. I just think it all depends on what your subject matter is and delivery that determines the effect you have on people.

9. Where do you hope to see your music career in five years?

In five years I hope to see my career a lot farther than it is now, with more people knowing about me and listening.

10. What is the one goal you hope to someday obtain with your music career?

One goal i hope to obtain with my music is just to inspire others to go out and accomplish whatever it is that they want to do.