Spit in the chopper style like rappers such as Tech N9ne, the new video last bullet by hiphop artist Politicize deals with suicide awareness and the affects of poverty. Filmed in the rustbelt of Pennsylvania comes a harrowing look at a town called Clairton. Clairton flourished from the mining of a fuel called coke. It was also the same town the film Deer Hunter was supposed to be filmed in. While things looks great for the town and it’s people, pollution was slowly but surely eating away at the towns people health. Years later when industry left, Clairton stood silent, poor, and broke beyond repair. Large scale cases of cancer sprouted and people soon learned that all the chemicals they were told could do them no harm created a living environment where cancer is now higher in Clairton than that of any other place in the United States. Paradise was truly lost and gave way to abandonment of whole neighborhoods. One of these areas is known as Lincoln Way, the videos filming location. Lincoln way is filled with abandoned houses. Some burned down from a fire years after people fled. No one knows why so many people just up and left there homes and belongings. Some speak of a beastly animal prowling the neighborhood forcing residents to flee in the middle of the night. Find out if the myth is true. Watch the new video by Politicize “Last bullet” now on youtube.