An ongoing story of Henny & Hendy. (Featuring Brandi Nichole) Storyline: Starts off with Pittsburgh Hendy going to Atlanta, GA for a big event. He has randomly been thinking about a lady friend of his that he used to be close with (the kind of relationship where the feeling was always mutual, but neither party ever persued the situation) He randomly calls her to see if she still has the same phone number, surprisingly, she answers. He proceeds to speak with her, they catch up, and she asks what his plans were for that night. And he offers to take her out to eat. Brandi then offers Hendy an invite to come back for drinks afterward. They get to Brandi’s house, one thing led to another. So it seems as maybe they are on to something. So they engage in activities, and then Brandi says let’s meet next Saturday I have a hotel room. So now that they are familiar with another on a whole different level . . . . . . (WATCH VIDEO TO SEE THE WHOLE STORY)