Whats in the name Phoenix Rose to you?

Phoenix Rose is who I am. Its the embodiment of who I’ve become through my life experiences and trials and tribulations.

You started up EllÉ Photography in 2011, are you happy with where you are today with it?

I actually started photography in 2008, but I took a break soon after I started my freshman year in college. I jump started again in 2011 and so far I am happy with where I am. Since I’ve graduated in May and came back to Pittsburgh I’vebeen creating a lot of buzz and so has my nude photography.

IMG_1314EllÉPhotography has grown to be more than photography, tell us about the other services you offer.

I also do image consulting, creative direction, PR and Promo. I’ve worked with LOS from Folkland, Producer and musician Rodney McBride, currently working with Pittsburgh Video Vixens and a few upcoming rap artist.

One thing i have noticed about you. you seem to have an apparent confidence in your self that comes off in a positive way. Is this from previous modeling experience, community interaction or just your personality in general?

I don’t have any modeling experience lol My confidence comes from mystruggles, growing up in a crack house, losing my estranged father in 2009, being the first in my family to graduate high school and college. Just knowing and never forgetting where I come from. I grew up in the “Nolia” down Larimer and moved to Wilkinsburg when I was 10. I’m confident in what I have to offer the world creatively, professionally, artistically and inspirationally. I want to create a movement, I am the movement. Follow me and I can show you that you can do anything.

What other careers and hobbies interest you?

Professionally, I’m interested in working with the HIV + communities and HIV prevention and education. I also want to start motivational speaking. Creatively, I want to do a mixtape. I’ve been writing poetry and songs since I was 6.

405320_3892501624399_1532382221_nWhat other artists have your attention in the city right now, be it musically or visually?

I’m still new to the #NewPittsburgh scene, but there are a few artist that have my attention and that I’ll be working on collabs with. Darrel Kinsel is a very intersting visual artist, Jacquea Mae and Hotep the Artist will be a part of my upcoming nude photo exhibit “For Colored Girls”. Ricardo Iammuri is a dope musician and vocalist who I’ll be working on a short film project with. I would love to work with many different artist of different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Whats on your iPod right now, top 5?

Sadly, I don’t have an Ipod. lol I love Spotify. I’m currently listening to a ton of RnB and a lil hip hop. John legend, Tamar Braxton, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, checking out Iggy Azealia too. I have to give my #1spot to Pittsburgh’s own Jasiri X who has been a mentor of mine since I was young.


What can we expect next from Phoenix Rose or EllÉ Photography?

To take over the world…DUH =) Just KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!

Whats one interesting fact about you that others may not know?

I get excited by the simplest things and can relate to anyone. I sit and converse with homeless people, walk old people across the street, speak a little patois and in my mind I twerk to the Weeknds songs.

POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh going hard. How do you go hard for your city?

I love that! I go hard for my City by breaking barriers, sitting pretty while doing it, having no regrets and never forgetting Larimer Ave.

Where can we find you?

Check me out on IG: TheePhoenixRose, FB: Phoenix Rose, TheePhoenixRose, and EllÉ Photography. Rawartists.org/Phoenixrose and www.elléphotog.com.