Artists can be broken in a way that sometimes fixes others.. i’m jus tryna paint pictures for the world.
Would You love me if i fall apart/
Would You love me if i crawl into the dark again/
Broken, yet alive/
I’ve fallen from the sky now i’m crawling to survive/
Revive what died inside/
My heart to spark the drive/
And revitalize my mind so that i can serve mankind/
I heard there was a time, when you would heal the blind/
Turn water into wine yet still suffer for our crimes/
You taught us love is patient, love is kind and that’s fine/
But all I know is that the grind always comes before the shine/
I’m getting mine, yeah like everyday/
Spitting rhymes i’m blessed to say/
That if i can’t find, then i’ll make a way, MJ with his fade away/
Now i’m back in the lab/
And i’m whippin that crack/
Flipping more work than a mad acrobat/
Driven by rhythm, my vision precision/
Will hit what they’re pitching like we’re up at bat/
The path is so cold tho as i blow os riding solo/
And get mo faded than Frodo on my high horse call her Polo/
My mama stowed away to this country/
She barely had a dollar/
Popped three boys the first to drop/
A born sinner yet a scholar/
I go to school jus to act a fool, all the girls they wanna holla/
Made a lotta mistakes when i used to date but heartbreak has made me smarter/
I’ma torn martyr, ghost of Sparta, who chose death before dishonor/
If i’m the clay, He’s the Potter, mold me with Yo holy armor/
A life of drama gave me trauma, so i’m searching for nirvana/
But we’re served what we deserve, good or bad, can’t mad at karma/
Glad to still be living even if fate is prewritten (predestination)/
The hustle made me different, struggling with my religion/
I suffer from affliction, you might know it as ambition/
But i’ve learned that Your grace isn’t earned, it’s already been given/

Instrumental produced by: The Dream, Timbaland, J-Roc, No ID

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▶ Petey Lee – Holy Grail (free verse) – YouTube.