I do this for anyone who was told they weren’t good enough or that they never had a chance.. I came up an underdog and still am. When the world puts you out, give them that flame. 
Take that, homie this is payback/
For every time they told me freeze, get on your knees, and lay flat!/
I ain’t even say jack, but now i gotta stay strapped/
Cause if i die tonight, i’m fighting for my rights!
Made it out the trap, even graduated college/
I use to push them packs now i’m stacking racks of knowledge/
Attached to the past cause every failure led to progress/
And i did it for my mama who done raised me from that cottage/
Serpents burn when i spit them verses/
Vermin squirm then i lift their curses/
Once a merchant, now Your servant/
Yes, i’ve learned how to live with purpose/
Determined to address the woes of those who been oppressed/
And flow against our hopelessness as oceans did when Moses led/
I won’t forget, all of the times they told me i was impotent/
And dissonant but God chose me to be His broken instrument/ 
I live for this, and tho they never loved me cause i’m different/
One day we will rise to the infinite/

I got that flame for my ninjas, i got that flame for my bros/
They dig us like the Goodfellas everywhere that we go/
I got that flame, I got that flame, I got that flame for you bro/
I got that flame, I got that flame, I got that flame for you bro

Instrumental produced by: Epistra Beats