Taylor Swift be writing these clever songs that stay stuck in my head.. had to do my own lil rendition of her hit metanarrative.


If there’s a heaven up above, show a brother love
I been drifting in a flood wishing for a dove
To get me hella elevated where our prayers are celebrated
By the spirit generated through Your one and only Son/
Riding dirty on that late night, til the break of daylight
Tryna change the world and “Shake” this “Speare (sphere)” like a playwright
Everyday i spark mics, star bright/ 
Dark Knight with them Air Nikes yeah i take flightttt/
Flyer than Aladdin, twin cannon blasting out the belly of a dragon,
i been trapping, young ninja steady bagging
The hydro i blow glow, call it Green Lantern/ 
Yeah, that’s the life i know, on the low, but i don’t wanna run from popo no mo/
Cause rapping’s my passion, a graceful assassin
Me and beats go together like a fatal attraction/
So it’s gonna be forever or it’s gonna burn down to an ember
You can tell me when it’s over.. why do good things have to end without the closure,
I’m never sober, alone and growing colder, praying for a change and Your warmth to bring me closer
Ice in my veins, like a Roman soldier
But if You’re my light into the dark then gimme some exposure
I know i’m dumb and i’m reckless, i take it way too far then forget about my blessings/
On a quest for vengeance, guess i need repentance more than acceptance/ don’t need acceptance yet i need repentance/ need Repentance more than acceptance/ don’t need acceptance yet i fiend repentance
I study your lessons and gotta question my faith
If i was truly predestined, why won’t i turn from my ways
Cause there’s a heaven up above with limited space
So God please, I hope you write my name

Shout out to GK, LC too,
Julia Han you the bomb dot com dude
Ben Miller that’s my real ninja
B-Ham you the man but i’m still quicker
A born sinner tryna praise, the One who was raised/
From the grave in three days cause he saved me by Grace/
So if You got a blank space to let me into Your gates/
Please God, I hope you write my name

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