Being a parent is strenuous! Yes! But there are a lot of things that can be done to make less stress on yourself. I have set up a list of requirements that ARE STRONGLY needed in order to maintain a healthy and happy environment for not only them but for yourself.

    A. MEAN WHAT YOU SAY AND SAY WHAT YOU MEAN: Children will constantly ask you the same question over and over again, which can cause stress on your brain. When you say “NO”, let your “NO’s” mean exactly that. Children will keep trying you at the same question until you are tired of hearing it just so you can give in. If you give in once, they assume that you will give in again. So always stress the fact that what you say goes the FIRST time.
    B. SET GROUND RULES: “Ground rules” meaning that those rules firmly stand in any situation. If you tell your child not to go around the corner, that they must be visable at ALL times, it does not mean that just because their friends are over those rules change.
    C. AUTHORITY: Children most times think that just because you like to “play” or “joke” around with them that they are on your level. In return, they will tell you what to do, tell you what they do not want to do when instructed and interrupt one of your conversations that are meant towards an adult. Showing your authority can go a long way. Correcting them when they are wrong, letting them know that they are your friend but strongly advising that you ARE the parent.
    D. HOUSEHOLD CHORES: Teach them responsibility. By teaching them responsibility, you can cut back on your household duties and they can pitch in to help. This will not only teach them responsibility for the future, but also show them that the work you do on a daily basis is tiring and they will consider to not mess up as much. When they mess up, let them clean it up.
    E. DISCIPLINE/PUNISHMENT: This is something that a lot of households lack. Discipline is included but not limited to; not going outside, chores, taking any kind of electronics away from them that they like, writing an essay stating what they did wrong and how it can be done better. When you lack punishment in your household, things will become chaotic. Show them right from wrong and allow them to determine how things should be done.
    F. SCREEN MUSIC AND TELEVISION: Remember, your child is growing. Their mind can be contaminated by the music they listen to or the television programs they watch. If you do not want your child to have a baby before they finish high school, do not prone their minds with illicit movies or music that has strong sexual content. This subject can go in many different ways. Just remember, what they listen to and/or watch, they immitate.
    G. SCREEN THEIR FRIENDS: This is strongly advised. Knowing who your child’s friends are can help eliminate most behaviors. You do not want your child to have a friend that curses their mother out, or rebels. You do not want your child to engage in drugs just because their friends are. Keeping a close track on your child..who they associate with, or who they talk to on the phone, can keep you stress free when they walk out the door to socialize.
    H. KEEP “GROWN-UP” TIME FOR YOURSELF: When you have “adult” company, your children should not be around meddling in “grown” folks business. Children tend to pick up adult habits and conversation and will demonstrate behaviors as such. Keep your family time and your grown up time…for the grown ups.
    I. FAMILY PROJECTS: Regularly take time out with your children doing family activities. Pulling out a game, reading together, painting, or even letting your child become active in some of your own projects, can eliminate extra frustration. When a child has something productive to do, it lessens negative behaviors.

There are more things that can be added to this list, but by following these steps, it can take away having to make a trip to the medicine cabinet for some extra stress relief. Never allow your child to walk all over you. Make sure that you explain to them that you only want the best for their future.