Owey is representative of the streets of Pittsburgh. After years of hard work its his time to shine. Donks, Dimes, & Diamonds Hosted by Baton Rogue’s own DJ 5150 is Owey’s theme music for the streets. Featuring such local hits such as “No Reason” feat. Drama of FTR and “Her, Her, & Her” feat. Tolly, “Gone Off The Trap”, and “She Wants A Thug” feat. Wiz Khalifa.
Owey and his Seven Tre Mafia crew have big things planned for 2012 with numerous mixtapes and videos in the work expect Owey to become a household name soon enough. Follow Owey and DJ 5150 on Twitter @OG_Owey and @dj5150br. Download below via Mediafire.


Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?mvus89kt38u619v