by Celeste M. Scott

I have surmised that Imperial Sugar was penned to be much more than an infectious melody with an addictive chorus.  In my humble opinion, it is manifesto to boldly loving oneself and being fearlessly bold in claiming your unique place in the World.  Each instance of viewing pleasure lends itself to a new detail emerging along with a completely fresh understanding of the depth of the song.  My suggestion is take time to read the chalk board.  With its vivid colors and symbolism, Director Alisha Wormsley shoots yet another masterful piece of artistry. I have coined this song musical confection, it is addictive candy to the music lover’s palate.  With production by Akil Esoon of Formula 412, a super producer in his own right, this song takes flight and you never want to land.  The team of Ricardo Iamuuri and Akil Esoon bring the simplicity of wonderful soul-felt harmonies, that the masses can identify with instantaneously to thought provoking concepts.  Simply put, this is a hit record.

Watch Imperial Sugar today and find yourself in Ricardo Iamuuri.