Mission Control Recordings signs Tek Bennet

BY: Rebekah Mechtensimer of POPGH.com

Mission Control Recordings’ held a press conference in Pittsburgh Saturday, to announce the signing of their first artist to the label–Tek Bennet.

Pittsburgh, Pa. – August 24, 2013- A press conference was held Saturday to announce the latest music news in Pittsburgh, the signing of Tek Bennet to Mission Control Recordings (MCR).

photoMCR is a brand new record label operated by Lee Davis of Pittsburgh, D.C.Entertainment Attorney, Robert Ross and Michael A. Jordan of Boston.

This label is exclusively distributed by InGrooves Fontana and Universal Music Group, set on creating a 360 revolution.

This 360 movement is meant to combine everything from radio, television, merchandise, all under one roof; a complete brand.

MCR’s movement is for the artist however, not the label, says Lee Davis, who runs the Pittsburgh office of MCR. It will be an extremely artist friendly label according to Davis.

John Ferguson, from 51/50 Media and a Universal Music Group executive also sat in on the event.

Ferguson is the administration end of MCR and is who helped put it all together.

“I’m excited about our deal”, Ferguson said.

Bennet is an independent artist and lyricist. He reaches out to multiple facets of individuals, which is what excelled him into being the first artist to be signed to the label.

“I want to be able to make a catalog and a collection of music for everyone to be able to understand and relate to,” Bennet said.

Bennet discussed how hard it is to get out there in the music industry without sacrificing your own creativity.

“These gentlemen (MCR) gave me a platform to be able to express myself creatively,” Bennet said. “I really thank you guys for coming out and being supportive, because as we all know, sometimes, support is very hard to get for an indie artist.”

Bennet is scheduled to go on tour in December and his first single is to be released for his upcoming 2014 album before the end of this year.

“This is going to be a great journey and I’m ready to go for it,” Bennet said.


Lee Davis / pghallstars11@gmail.com