This was sent to me by Becky L. who now lives in Florida but misses Pittsburgh!

By: Becky L.

06hours600I’ll admit it. I’m one of those obnoxious Floridians who you hate being friends with on Facebook. I tag myself at the beach, I post pictures that say ‘The only thing I salt is my margarita, not my sidewalk’ and complain about wearing shorts ‘again’. But I was once like you. I drove through 6 inches of snow to get to work. I had to carry around a Walmart plastic bag with dress shoes which doubled as my snow boots bag. Well, I don’t miss the snow, AT ALL, but there are things I miss about Pittsburgh and the region. What would you miss if you moved away?

#1 Waving my Terrible Towel – when I do get to watch a Steelers game on TV, the off chance it’s on, sitting on the couch next to a Jacksonville Jaguars fan (pray for him) is so depressing when I could be with a room full of fans who know most of the words to the Steelers Polka and have nothing but black and gold in their wardrobe.

#2 Do you want fries with that?….. Salad?!?! – Pittsburgh is notorious for the Primantis sandwich. We even put fries on our salad and call it ‘Pittsburgh Style’. Here in Florida, the one and only time I asked for fries when I ordered my salad, the lady giggled at me. They just don’t get it.

#3 Fish Fry Friday – Amazing food made by a gaggle of church grandmas. The best Haluski and Pierogies you will ever eat. Nothing in Florida compares to it. Once I did go to a local Florida Catholic church carnival and had a funnel cake. They made the funnel cake with the fish fry grease. Let’s just say no more funnel cakes from that place.

#4 Duquesne Incline – Where else in Pittsburgh can you get a badass ride up the side of a hill for like 5 bucks then see one of the most photographed views of the city of Pittsburgh.

#5 Kennywood – I live where the tourists go. I have Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and Legoland all within a short drive. But I miss Kennywood. I miss the Racers and trying to figure out who will win this time. The double dip on the Rabbit. The Whip, i really miss the Whip. I swore I was going to die on Pitt Fall. I have the Rick Sebak Kennywood Memories special on DVD. And who could forget the almighty Thunderbolt…..but I really miss The Whip. I love Mickey Mouse but he has nothing on Kenny the Kangaroo.

So the point of this list? As 80s Rock Band Cinderella famously sang “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. Go out this weekend and enjoy your Pittsburgh because you’ll never realize how many people truly miss it. Go to the Andy Warhol museum. Drive past Heinz Field. Take a picture of your Primanti’s Cap & Cheese and put it on Facebook and make all your southern friends jealous.