The song is my letter to “the streets.” My whole life I was lied to and told that a relationship with ‘the streets’ is where its at. I was told that I would have riches untold, I would be popular, every woman would want to be with me and every man would want to be me. I was told that everything that I previously wanted and couldn’t afford I would be able to have 2 of them after I began my relationship with ‘the streets.’ Unfortunately as a naïve 13 year old I believed all of this and looking at the statistics their were and currently are still millions of people just as naïve as I wasback then. After giving the streets 8 years of my life I found out the hard way that most of what I was told was a lie and that the many people telling me of the benefits conveniently left out the consequences. I wasn’t told that enjoying your ill-gotten gain was virtually impossible because you always had to worry about local law enforcement/jealous co-workers/rival crews, you have to view family and those closest to you as possible threats, having friends was a weakness, jail was imminent, dying alone and violently was very likely and most importantly that I could gain the whole world and still lose my soul. I wrote this song to shed light on these widely embraced fallacies, to show you the consequences of choosing this lifestyle and most importantly to illustrate to you the Lords unfailing Love & the simplicity of accepting salvation.I Love you and I hope you are blessed by these words.

via ▶ Lyin’ on you by iammelvinjones.