Whats not to love about Melody Joy’s outgoing and fearless personality.  Its clear to see she loves to perform regardless of the medium. Is Melody Joy hip hop?  Maybe not…  You can’t be Melody Joy and fit into the predefined molded genre.  Meledy Joy is being herself, standing out and doing what she loves.  Melody Joy is Pittsburgh. POPGH had a chance to catch up with her for an interview.
1) What are you taking with you to planet puff in 2012?
All the good hearted, genuine people left in the world…and perhaps some sugar free Rockstar

2) What can we expect from your new album Planet Puff?

It’s a self produced album that took me about a year to make…All except Gameboy which was produced by Geekbeatz. It’s electronica/dance, techno, dub, some hip-hop, and a lot of ballads, meaningful lyrics, unique concepts all tying together with a pure futuristic message implying “self love, diversity, and unconditional acceptance”. It depicts the things that have gone downhill in society, and a girl from another planet, who doesn’t fit in, trying to change the game up, and spread love. I also did a beautiful Tiesto sounding Ballad called “Saint Mary” about my best friends mother who passed of cancer this year. Her soul is in the song and I think it sounds like angels singing

3) You seem to be a “Joy” of all trades. Playboy Live Model, an actress, a radio show personality, a trained dancer, a writer a musician, is there anything you cant do?

Awe, I am flattered. I do a lot of things, I like to learn as much as I can, and do as much as I can while I’m here on this earth… but there is a lot I can’t do… I get down on myself, and feel completely useless sometimes. I suck at math, I fail at doing laundry and dishes, I can’t remember most short term memory things, sometimes even my name. And most of all I can’t be normal. I have such deranged ass backwards ways of doing things, and getting by. If you had a camera on in my house for a day… you would think I was Looney. (am I allowed to say ass?)

4) What would your self portait look if drawn in your view? Can you show us?

Depending on what day it is… I sometimes I have a skewed perception of myself other times I’m okay. I would love to show you… hm… gimme a crayon.. I will get to work.

5) Who influences you the most musically.

Most recently my biggest influence has been Gaga. I can relate to her the most. The message she is sending, the style of music, the aura, her values, morals, views on life, and her life background. She’s an Italian girl, who felt like a weirdo.
Another one of my biggest inspirations has been Girl Talk (Greg Gillis) he inspired me to start taking risks, and messing around with music. I literally took music, and chopped it up like a chef, and created something trippy out of it.
but my influences go way back, to the days of Britney, Nsync, Michael Jackson, the Spice Girls, Davie Bowie, Madonna, Flock of Seagulls, Frank Sinatra, Peaches, Luciana, Amy Winehouse, the Beatles and even most hardcore, indie, punk rock bands. I love horror, gothic and industrial music like Marylin Manson, HIM, Creature Feature, the Misfits, Nine Inch Nails, MUSE.. I could go on and on.
6) What artist would you like to work with next?
I’m working on a track right now with my friend Alex from New York who is in the local rock scene. I want to finish it and perfect it cause I think it would be beautiful. Also sonically I think a hardcore track with Kellee Maize would sound amazing. Perhaps my boys Common Wealth Family.
Oh and Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls

7) What can we expect from Melody Joy next?

She has an album “Planet Puff” hitting iTUnes/Amazon and tangibal CD hopefully in June. Album Dates are still up in the air.  We will be sure to keep you in the loop at popgh.com!

Melody Joy Links : Official Website